Home Maintenance Tips to Save You Money in the Long Run


People realize that the factors that eat up their finances in life are not the big things like mortgage and car payments – although they can be…the real culprit that is draining the pockets of millions of people all over the world is the little expenses in life that add up to be a big price tag. The spending habits, the routine maintenance on homes and cars, the grooming products, the diapers, the meals out…these are the real elements that take your money and flush it down the drain.

That’s life, in many cases. However, you don’t need to be spending the amount of money you’re spending on these things on a regular basis. If you’d just change a few habits and think about the long term before you spend, you’ll find you have more money than you think, and you’ll be able to afford that vacation you’ve been dreaming of for the last 5 years.

To save money, start in the home and follow these home maintenance tips:

Seal your Grout

Grout is often laid in spots of the home that are high traffic areas and places like bathrooms and showers where bacteria and moisture can easily grow and settle in, making the grout look unsightly and making it more likely to need to be redone.

You might have a good habit of cleaning your grout, but if you don’t have it professionally sealed, the porous material will always be a place where dirt will lurk and you won’t be able to get it back to like-new conditions by your own accord. When you put the investment in upfront to seal your grout, you safeguard yourself from these factors and more which would cause you a good chunk of money over the course of time.  

Clean Your Filters

As much as it might not seem like a problem, your filters can actually be a huge hazard when not routinely checked and cleaned or emptied. Think of your dryer filter. You’re always sending electricity and hot air through it, creating a lot of friction, and if you have dry fibers and lint clogging up the filter, the chances at a fire starting can be extremely costly to you. The same goes for fireplace filters and air filters.

Clean the Gutters

In the same way that leaving your filters unchecked and caked full of flammable material is a danger to you, your home, and your wallet, neglecting the gutters is also a hazard. This is especially true if you live in an area where a lot of foliage and other substances that get stuck or caught in your gutters.

To save yourself the pain of a possible fire in either regard, whether in your dryer or on your rooftop, take the time to clean. Your gutters should be cleaned a minimum of once a year, even more if there is heavy exposure to leaves or pine needles.