Money Through Media: 4 Ways SEO Can Boost Revenue

SEO Money

In recent years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a more widely comprehended concept and found necessary for many industries. Simply put, SEO makes your company rank higher on search engine pages creating a greater quantity of page traffic. The average consumer will overlook paid ads on google and skip down to organic results. Additionally, 75% of search engine users will never look past the first page of results.

Imagine if your result was always landing on the second page? How many potential customers have you lost each day? The key to generating more website traffic, and in turn more revenue, is through Search Engine Optimization. Included here are a few ways that SEO boosts your revenue.

Invaluable Advertising

The ability to show up first on a search engine is a priceless marketing opportunity. You can’t pay Google millions to be the first result, it has to be done through Search Engine Optimization. Being first in the rankings often gives consumers the impression that your company is one of the best and you have developed a good reputation.

Imagine that someone is looking to do business with you and they walk into your office because you are the first company they thought of? This is essentially what SEO allows you to be. You can be the first line of communication for someone who is looking to re-roof their house or gain financial management tips.

Keyword Phrases

One of the biggest ways that SEO works is through utilizing keyword phrases and searches. For example, someone who is looking to buy honey may search “local honey near Seattle, WA.” Clearly, you will want that type of keyword phrase to link the consumer to your bee farm. Finding which keywords generate the most business is how SEO works for you.

Contrary to some belief, more keywords are not necessarily better. The trick is in finding a focused sentence and gaining targeted traffic. Simply getting results for “honey Seattle” may not be relevant to your business. Honey could be a local band, grocery store or something else, so getting that keyword search would actually be a hindrance to you.

Local Listings

Having your business listed as a local listing can help you generate more traffic and rank higher on Google. Google values local listings from sites like Foursquare, Google Places and Yellow Pages. To give your SEO an additional boost, have your site listed locally and utilize appropriate, focused keywords.

Know Your Area

In addition to local listings, the business should know their local area, including holidays, festivals and seasonal changes. If your city has a popular festival that people travel to, you should utilize the festival name in your keyword search. For example, a hotel company may couple “Lavender Fest” with “Seattle 3-star hotels” to gain even more relevant traffic.