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Webroot: A Security System That Provides First Class Protection

In this day and age, if one’s high-tech device does not have first class Internet protection, one is at risk of obtaining the unwanted, such as social network threats, identity theft, phishing attacks, anti-ransomware, viruses, spyware, and other harmful issues that can take one a couple of steps backward in different aspects.

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There are different types of Internet security protection that one can opt for, as there are numerous of companies on the market that focus on this field, but there are some solutions from different companies, that stand out more than others. This can certainly cause a confusion to arise as to which is the best option.


Due to its first class benefits, one private company, in particular, has been able to become the favorite of a great number of individuals around the globe in a short period of time: Webroot Inc. This company offers Internet security for both consumers and businesses. Founded in Boulder, CO, Webroot Inc. has grown so much that it now has operations in the United Kingdom, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Australia, San Diego, and San Mateo.


Advantages of Webroot


The unique protection that Webroot provides is real-time security that will never compromise the performance of any system. Every Webroot suite product is able to protect MAC, PC, and mobile devices, including iOS, Amazon Fire, and Android. Since Webroot utilizes so little bit of memory, it can actually speed-up and even extend the life of an older computer.

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There are more than a handful of things that distinguish Webroot from other solutions. For one, it provides a non-disruptive, lightweights, and fast protection. The installation file is under 750 KB, and it is able to be installed 20 times faster than its closest competitor, which is just one of the reasons why so many people opt for it on a daily basis.


Webroot was able to score 90 points out of 100 on the PassMark’s system performance impact testing against 5 top antivirus providers. Webroot ended up showing to be 29% higher than its next closest competitor. Its scan time is 15 times more rapid than the scan of the average competitor.


During system idle, this security solution utilizes only 5 MB of memory. Compared to the next closest competitor, it is 9 times less.


It even offers webcam protection, as it detects and blocks any webcam spying threat that it encounters, which is a benefit that cannot easily be found on other popular security solutions available on the market.


Identity Theft


Identity theft protection is an area where the Webroot team focuses a lot on, as there is currently an increase in extensive personal record exposures and massive credit card information breaches.


Threat Risks


Threat risks have expanded through computing devices that have embedded Internet connectivity, including communication systems, car navigation, smart TVs, and digital home systems. Webroot has advanced zero-day threat solutions and anti-ransomware due to this increase in threats that have lately become more apparent online. Webroot is a security leader in the loT sector.


Unlike traditional security solutions, Webroot’s technology doesn’t load user’s computer with a grand amount of threat definition files; instead, it leverages the cloud to conduct detection and management of threat.


Webroot’s analysis engine is able to read real-time feeds of threat data from more than 37 million devices, enabling instant protection from new infections and providing up-to-date view of current threats. It processes more than 5 billion daily lookups, protecting consumers from more than 12 million malicious IP addresses on a daily basis. Through real time scans, it shields users from phishing sites.


Webroot Works in Silent Mode


This Internet security solution works silently in the background in order to protect your account numbers, usernames, and other personal information, without interfering in any way with your online activities.


Satisfaction Is Guaranteed


If for any reason user is not satisfied with Webroot’s security solution, full refund is available within 70 days of purchase, no questions asked. This is a total plus for those individuals who want to feel safe with their transactions. Another plus is that ever since it launched, the Webroot has been garnering positive reviews and ratings from people who are utilizing it, which is not a shocker, because the Webroot is a one-of-a-kind security system. Today is the perfect day to try it, as there is currently up to $50.00 off Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete!


This post is sponsored by Webroot in collaboration with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.

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