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The Complete Survival System

“Here’s Your Chance To Get Paid 75% Commissions On Both Front End Sales AND Recurring Monthly Sales Across The Board On The Survival Offer That’s Dominating The Internet.

“You’ll Also Have A Chance To Win Over $5,000.00 In Affiliate Prize Cash!”

We have yet to see anyone offer a commission structure this amazing so far in the Survival Niche!

We’ve literally spent millions in online advertising testing this amazing offer so you KNOW without a doubt it WILL convert for your traffic!

It’s called ”  The Survive & Thrive Club  “!

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Created by a Corporal of the United States Marine Corps that’s actually been in the “trenches” overseas, trained for life or death survival situations and is also the leading Gun Range Instructor, the “Survive & Thrive Club” was designed specifically and individually for both MEN and WOMEN each to fit their personal and unique survival needs.

Targeting men and women separately has proven to increase conversions and profits across the board, especially for the female audience!


With Average Conversion Rates Up To 10% For The Men’s Sales Page And 12% For Women’s, There’s No Guess Work On Your End, Just Pure Conversions And Profits!

On top of your amazing front end conversion rate, you’ll also get paid 75% of EVERY SINGLE MONTHLY REBILL FOREVER..

We’ve literally done all the work for you!

You’ll receive a variety of tested solo ads so you can just copy, paste and profit with your lists and/or traffic.

Not to mention our incredibly low refund rates, especially for a free plus shipping trial offer. The money you make stays in your pocket!


Now Lets Talk About That $5,000.00 In Bonus Prize Cash!

To make this simple, when you promote “The Survive & Thrive Club” between the dates of March 1st and March 31st, 2016, you can earn bonus cash by being one of the top 5 promoters based on your total sales.

We’re paying out over $5,000.00 in bonuses split up like this:


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