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SocialPubli, new marketplace open to all, powers influencer marketing collaborations across regions

Influencer marketing hub connects brands and influencers for vibrant and creative campaigns

SocialPubli ( is an influencer marketing platform that enables marketers to connect with influencers via a fully automated marketplace. The startup operates since last year in the United States, Latin America and Europe with 10,000 influencers in over twenty countries.

“Our platform is the Robin Hood of social media because it gives any user of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube the opportunity to earn money with authentic and creative content that reflects the messaging of a marketing campaign,” says Ismael El-Qudsi, CEO

SocialPubli Facts:

of SocialPubli.

The SocialPubli platform operates based on a cloud-based software that allows marketers to connect with targeted influencers, communicate campaign asks, approve influencer content, distribute content across social media platforms and track the analytics in real time.

Users receive daily alerts of new branded campaign offerings and can choose the tasks they wish to complete, as well as the wording and tone of the campaign-related content.

“We are all influencers. We have the power to communicate our opinions and share with our friends, family and followers the brands, products or services that we like. SocialPubli allows social media users to monetize this consumer-to-consumer word of mouth. It’s a two-way collaboration between marketers and real people and the result is a more active, creative and especially more effective marketplace,” says El-Qudsi.

Although the platform allows marketers to segment and target influencers based on their total audience, one of its key aspects is that it’s open for all social media users to sign up. This democratization of the influencer marketing space has led to a richer and deeper reach for campaigns.

“SocialPubli increases the organic reach of marketing campaigns by 50-100% compared to other online marketing platforms,” asserts El-Qudsi.

10,000 influencers in 20+ countries

  • 1,000+ influencers in the U.S., 2,000+ influencers in Mexico and 2,000+ in Colombia
  • Audience reach of 65 million users in Twitter, 10 million users in Instagram and 3 million users in YouTube
  • NEW! Blog campaigns are also available now
  • English and Spanish-language campaigns
  • Brands such as BMW, Ron Brugal, FOMLA, Heineken, Avon, Claro and Yahoo have trusted SocialPubli for their online marketing campaigns


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