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Creativity holds the key to the future of messaging!

After its release in the spring of 2015, messaging app DeeMe became an instant favorite among users, journalists and industry awards judges. Even social media deity Facebook wanted a slice of the action. With a brand new release, DeeMe takes creativity and messaging to a whole new level.

The new DeeMe version offers a wide range of communicative changes. Such changes include a group chat mode with chats on top and in context of an image, a broadcast function that allows users to post messages to a live updated feed to gather comments and likes from friends or fans, and plenty of possibilities to be creative with stickers, typesets and filters. Speaking of fans, DeeMe also has designed a special “Famous mode” button for those true artistic types with a dedicated group of followers.

“We’re passionate in our belief that stories worth telling happen every day, and that’s why we created an app that tells them better. (No doubt that with better phones and bigger screens, comes a bigger need for creative and entertaining content)” says CEO Frode Alver Nilsen

Just days into the release of the newest version, DeeMe stats already report that users are spending a lot more time when in the app creating fun messages as well as connecting with new friends. In particular, the younger crowd of creative Brazil have gone head over heels for the new DeeMe.

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