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Wealth Expert Pens Entertaining and Ironic Investment Memoir/Manifesto

St. Louis investment expert, Matt Hall, is President and Co-Founder of Hill Investment Group, and unlike the often dry and academic investment advice provided by brokers, Hall’s storytelling is entertaining and inspirational. In fact, he details his inspiring story and his evidence-based investing methods in his new memoir-manifesto, Odds On: The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor (Greenleaf Book Group, April 12, 2016). Hall can teach readers how to think more independently, apart from the crowd, and invest more wisely, while also discussing:

  • How the evidence-based investment movement continues to stack the odds in investors’ favor
  • How patience and independent thinking allows you to avoid pitfalls to which others will fall prey
  • Investment simplicity + transparency = Happiness, which is the by-product of the evidence-based approach
  • Long term higher investment returns only come from patient exposure to global capitalism
  • You can live a more productive life by adopting evidence-based investing 

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