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Tech Jargon Removal Tool for Start-Ups

I’d like to introduce you to our free tech jargon removal tool,

Most tech correspondents, VCs, analysts and M&A advisors that we speak to have their share of horror stories about the over-use of tech jargon. Investors tell us that pitches from promising start-ups are weakened by the use of jargon or hyperbole, with ‘fashionable’ language often obscuring the story.

As one contributor put it: “Spacecraft arriving from the 8th dimension and delivering world peace might be ‘awesome’. A new app which promises to be a Tinder for cauliflowers isn’t.”

PitchGlitch is a sort of anti-virus tool for the worst Tech terminology. It is designed to automatically strike a red pen through terms that are tired and annoying. All a user has to do is paste the text of their pitch deck or announcement or elevator pitch into the box on the site, press ‘Disrupt’ and we look after the rest in an instant. All terms in our database have been submitted by tech correspondents, VCs and analysts.

Admittedly the design of PitchGlitch is a bit Web 20 B.C., and the code is not much more than two bits of coconut connected by string, but we think it does the trick. If there’s a start-up that you know that could use a ‘helping hand’, feel free to send them a link to PitchGlitch.

I should add that we’ve dealt out our fair share of jargon in the past. If there are any terms you’d like us to add, please send them through.

With best wishes for a jargon-free inbox.

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