Save $400 on this Super-Sweet High-End Lenovo Laptop (Deal of the Day)

Santa has reason to be jolly right now: Unlike the rest of us, he knows exactly what everyone on his list wants. But I know of one pretty sure bet: The ultimate gift for any serious gamer — as well as coders and other discerning nerds — is a high-end gaming laptop.

The main thing that separates the casual computers most of us use from these kinds of gaming machines is graphics: High-end machines have the hardware required to render today’s graphically intensive games really, really fast. (Almost as important: general processing power and ports for plugging in peripherals.)

If there is a nerd in your life hankering for a power machine, you’re facing a big investment: These things are expensive. So I got you a deal: The 14-inch Ideapad Y700 laptop is Lenovo’s high-end gaming and multimedia machine. It typically goes for $1,200. But use the exclusive discount code CMEXCLUSIVEUUS at checkout, and the price will drop to just $759 — that’s 37% off. You’re welcome.

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