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Best apps for high school students!

A high school student’s life isn’t just about exams, presentations and projects. There’s much more to it. They can get easily stressed out for maintaining a balance with various aspects. But with a smartphone by their side, they can simplify their lives by taking advantage of the following apps:


Have you been playing the game of missed call so much that you have earned the title of miser for yourself? A phone on low battery and low balance are some of the biggest problems of a student. While you can tame the first one by getting a powerbank, you can solve the other one by installing Freecharge app. The major reasons behind low balance problem are your lazy attitude and budget problems. Abolish both of these by taking advantage of Freecharge coupons present on With Freecharge app, you can recharge your phone anytime and anywhere. Plus the transactions you do there fetch you rewards almost equal to your recharge costs. That’s why the term Free recharge!


Photo editor

Forget of special parties where you and your gang makes crazy faces and take selfies. Even on a daily basis, there’s just so much stuff you and your friends indulge in for which you can’t help but take pictures. You know that these pictures are the only return ticket for your memories. But what when the pictures didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to be? This is when Photo editor app comes into action. With this app, you can transform dull looking photographs into vibrant ones, unclear ones into sharper ones or blur areas which you don’t want to include in photographs. There are so many effects which can beautify your pictures and take them to a whole different level.



Because keeping up with budget is hard! There are outfits to be purchased for various events, study materials for assignments and presentations, movie outings almost every week, travelling expenses, food expenses and what not! And if you live outside your hometown, it gets all the more difficult. In such cases, ‘Mint’ app can be your saviour. You can allocate budget for different categories here such as food, travel, entertainment, shopping, study, etc. Then you can keep a tab on your spendings with the help of this app. When you will be reaching a limit in any category, you will be notified for the same.



Because carrying cash and card everywhere is troublesome. With the popularity of online shopping growing by bounds and leaps, most students are making the most out of it. Rather than hopping from one shop to another, they search for their needs online only and search their time as well as money by making use of MobiKwik coupons. With MobiKwik wallet, you can shop on a range of online shopping portals and also earn Cashback. You can also recharge your phone, pay your bills, transfer money and even make other payments. All this in a hassle free manner!



This is one brilliant apps! If time tracker apps don’t work for you, turn to this app and you won’t be disappointed. You can organize your study schedule with the help of this app. You can set dates for your project and assignments deadline. You can even assign dates for your examination so that you don’t mix up with different subjects at last minute. That can be one scary situation to deal with. Not just this, it will help you study in a distraction free manner. When you assign a specific time period to study, this app will also silence your phone for that particular time. This means you can give your full concentration while studying for a subject.


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