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4 Ways To Follow the Money Trail Back From Your Purchases

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When your money leaves your pocket, that doesn’t necessarily mean that has to be the end of your experiential transaction. Nope – if you want to learn more about finances and value flow, you can take it many steps further and really follow that money trail if you have the interest.

To do this, consider the four following categories of thought – check out the business snapshot of the vendor, follow the company blog if they have one, see what kind of social media promotion the company has, and then look into ownership details for further information and intrigue.

Check Out the Business Snapshot

You can check out a business snapshot and find out details of a company you just bought a product from. You can see when they started, where their main office is, what their major products lines are, and a whole bunch of other pertinent information in a few clicks of a few buttons. This is a good way to get to know companies better as well, because you may find out details that either make you like them more, or perhaps may give you a reason to try a different avenue for your next purchase.

Follow the Company Blog

And say you purchase a soda somewhere one day, and have an inkling to find out more about what the company stands for on a holistic level. A great way to get the information is by checking out the company blog. You might even be able to find coupons on their website as well, which means that not only do you get more information about where your money is going to, you also get to save money on your next transaction!

See What Company Social Media Promotes

In addition to having a blog, many companies have a solid social media presence. After you’ve purchased a product from somewhere, look at their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and see what kind of things they promote. This is another great chance to look for more coupons and discounts as well. Sometimes you can sign up for newsletters through social media as well, which is a win-win for consumer and business.

Look Into Ownership Details

Finally, the last way to follow your money trail back to see where it goes is to see if a larger company owns the brand you’ve bought into. You’d be surprised how many products and brands owe their larger allegiance to gigantic companies that you wouldn’t think were interested in smaller markets, but because of supply, demand, and resource management, there’s all kinds of ownership intrigue that stretches all the way through the corporate and political levels.

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