Maintain Your Health with these Top Apps


In today’s digital world, we use technology, apps, and the internet for almost everything. From booking flights and buying presents, to paying our electric bills, our gadgets and gizmos enable us to make our lives easier. So what about the most important aspect of ourselves – our health? These top health apps make taking care of your well being easier than ever!


This is the platinum standard of medical apps. Compatible with both Apple and Android products, Epocrates helps doctors to look up medication info and interactions, find providers for consults and referrals, and quickly calculate a patient’s measurements, such as their body mass index. The robust interface also features info on drug side effects, dosage amounts, and enables you to talk to the manufacturer directly.

New England Journal of Medicine

This app was produced by one of the most trusted journals in medicine. It offers the latest breaking news on medical reports and technology, which is conveniently sent to your inbox every morning.

Red Cross First Aid

Accidents happen as life does, so it’s handy to know what to do in case of a medical emergency. This is where the free Red Cross First Aid app comes in handy. Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, this first aid app guides you through every day medical scenarios, including asthma attacks, bee stings and broken bones. Plus, it also features engaging and informative quizzes and safety tips related to natural disasters including floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Doctors on Demand

If you were suffering from weird symptoms and wanted immediate access to a doctor, this app is your best friend. It’s just like having a personal doc in your pocket! Free and made for Android and Apple products, Doctor on Demand instantly connects you to licensed professionals all over the world via audio calls and video chats.


Created by WebMD, one of the most trusted medical online tools, this medical reference apps comes in handy when you want to look up medication or drug info, check disease symptoms, catch up on medical news, and more.


Managing your meds is no longer a chore with this free app. CareZone lets you easily curate a list of your drugs, dosages, and schedules directly from your phone’s photo library.

From finding a medical billing opportunity or a doctor on demand, to reading up on the latest medical news and updates, there are many medical apps that can make your life that much easier. It’s important to stay healthy, and with these easy apps, you can do just that. Simply download them onto your Apple or Android and stay healthy while on the go! Here’s to your health!