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5 Ways To Use Connective  and Social Technology To Make More Money

Social and connective technology can occasionally get a bad rap these days for being more of a distraction than actually being a business tool, but used the right way, that certainly doesn’t need to be the case.

For instance, five ways that you can use connective technology to help you make more money include hiring a career coach to motivate you, searching for ways to find like-minded people that will bring you financial success, using metrics to see who your message actually gets across to, looking for new job opportunities through connections, and following the stock market.

Hire a Career Coach

One of the more intriguing ways to use social and connective technology to help you make more money is by hiring a career coach. The idea of a career coach is relatively new, but the concept can be quite lucrative if you find the right person for the job – of getting you a better job! By searching the web for the person with the right job skills and personality, you can be matched up with someone who understands how to push you in the direction you want to go, operating as something between a cheerleader and a professional developer. You certainly couldn’t find people to perform this kind of function for you in the past!

Find Like-Minded People

By operating within the constructs of your life with people who are like-minded, you’ll automatically be in situations to improve your economic situation. In other words, knowing the right group will ultimately lead you to your own version of economic success. One way of finding these people using modern tech is by installing the Meetly app on your smartphone. A few clicks and preference adjustments, and you’ll be in a brand new kind of network that can function to help out your professional life.

Use Metrics that Are Available

A lot of new technology, especially in the realm of companies like Google or in the YouTube environment, is all about numbers and metrics. By learning how to analyze these numbers, you can tell who gets your messages, who visits your websites, who clicks to where and from where, and then you can cater your professional online transactions to meet the needs of these people!

Look for Job Opportunities

By using LinkedIn as a professional, you can use new connective technology to hunt for new and better jobs, and there are discrete and effective ways to do this to constantly update your station in life.

Follow the Stock Market

One final way to use connective tech to make more money is by following the stock market using two different methods. First, you can use the analysis apps on your phone, and second, you can listen to social commentary about different stocks to help your portfolio as well.

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