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Day: November 4, 2015

Cash Back Site Splender Unveils Referral Program and Product Search Functionality, Providing Consumers One Destination to Save and Earn Money Shopping Online

Powered by Cartera Commerce, Splender offers cash back, coupons and special offers for more than 800 online retailers spanning travel, beauty, clothing, jewelry, sporting goods and more

LEXINGTON, Mass. – November 05, 2015Splender, a unique online cash back shopping site, today announced a new Referral Program and an enhanced user experience with the addition of Product Search functionality. Both new features aim to make earning cash back even faster and easier for consumers by providing a single destination to save and earn money online. The Referral Program lets people earn additional cash back by inviting friends and family to join Splender, while the new Product Search feature enables members to find a specific product and compare price and cash back at different stores to find the best deal.

Splender is an online shopping site that provides special offers, coupon codes and cash back all in one place. More than 800 participating online retailers, spanning every product and service category, pay a commission for qualifying purchases, which is then passed to the consumer as cash back. In addition, Splender searches the Internet for great coupons, deals, sales, free shipping and other ways for members to save money when shopping online through Splender. Splender is offered by Cartera Commerce, the largest provider of company-based online shopping loyalty programs for banks, airlines and other loyalty programs.

With the Referral Program, a Splender member is awarded $10 cash back for each referred friend who joins for the first time and makes a purchase of $50 or more at a participating online retailer. Additionally, friends who are referred are awarded a $5 bonus (in addition to the commission they earn on their transaction) after making their $50 qualifying purchase. There’s no limit to how many referrals a member can make or how much members can earn from the Referral Program, and they can invite friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or with a custom URL that can be shared or posted online.

The new Product Search function provides members easier discovery of specific items they want to buy, in addition to searching for their favorite stores. Users can search from among millions of products across any of the more than 800 online retailers featured in Splender, and compare prices and cash back options to make sure they are getting the best deal.

“After years of working with businesses to build their rewards and loyalty programs, we’re excited to provide even more savings directly to consumers,” said Tom Beecher, CEO of Cartera Commerce. “These new features make it even easier for people to find the best deals and earn money for things they would already be purchasing. We look forward to making Splender the go-to destination for online cash back shopping.”

Splender members quickly and easily earn extra cash just for buying things they normally would, including holiday gifts, shoes, apparel, household items, office supplies, beauty items, travel deals, sporting equipment and more. Splender gives its members cash back faster than most sites, with monthly payouts after reaching just $10 in available earnings. The simple and clean design makes it easy to find stores and products to allow members to start earning money immediately.

To learn more and start using Splender, visit

About Splender

Splender is a unique online cash back shopping site paying members monthly for online purchases at more than 800 leading retailers. Joining Splender is free, and members can shop for the latest fashion and beauty trends, household items, office supplies, travel, electronic, sports and recreation equipment and more – all while earning a percentage of every qualifying purchase made. In addition, Splender provides access to coupons, discounts and special deals. Splender is offered by Cartera Commerce, the largest provider of company-based online shopping loyalty programs for banks, airlines and other loyalty programs. To learn more or join Splender, visit or follow on Twitter @ShopSplender 

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7 Ways to Improve Your Royalty Audits


As a business owner, you are more than aware of how complicated it can be to do appropriate money management. Audits are often a difficult experience but can be eased if you are keeping track of your own monies responsibly. A great way to keep everything in check is by regularly monitoring your own licensees and preparing yourself for any royalty audits. Included here are a few ways for you to improve your royalty audits.

Understand Your Licensee

One of the best ways to avoid trouble with royalty audits is by having a good understand of your licensee’s business practices. Knowing how their company runs will help you have a greater understanding of their compliance with your licensing requirements.

Make Agreements Clear

The best way to get yourself in trouble with an audit is by failing to make every aspect of your licensing agreement clear. Make sure you are writing agreements in unambiguous terms and incorporating financial provisions for each licensee. The business practices and conditions of each licensee should be clear and concise with no room for error.

Collect Your Royalties

IP owners often find many situations where they are owed money as a result of a royalty audit; it is your right to collect those royalties. Often, these discrepancies can be the result of innocent mistakes, turnover in personnel or misunderstandings of the contract terms. Royalties affect your company’s financial health and should be collected even if they are not the result of fraud.

Hire an Auditor

Professional auditors do their work well and for a reason. Sometimes using your company’s own staff can turn up conflicts of interest and strain on relationships. Utilize an outside party to deal with the audit so that everyone from your company’s standpoint will be professional during the settlement phase.

Never Rely on Verbal Agreements

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to rely on contracts that are formed verbally. Never take someone’s word for something if you can have it written down. All agreements, modifications and changes should be submitted to writing. A verbal contract is not going to hold up when it is time for you to collect royalty fees.

Monitor Products

Keeping an eye on your products that are out in the marketplace is always a wise decision. You will be able to catch any license discrepancies and violations early and don’t have to wait for an audit to collect. This will keep all licensees on their toes and keep your audit process simpler.

Be Unpredictable

The best audits are often performed sporadically. This means you should still be doing them on a regular schedule, but do not let your licensees know in advance. This will put your company in a zero-tolerance position of under reported royalty payments from licensees.

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