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6 Costs to Consider Before Installing a Pool


Are you dreaming of lazy summer days spent poolside? Looking forward to turning your home into the neighborhood hangout? Installing a pool can be an incredibly exciting opportunity to turn your home into your haven. While homes with pools often do sell for more, it is unlikely that you will fully recoup the cost of the pool, so this upgrade should be considered carefully. Installing a pool may have hidden costs that you were not aware of, so consider these items before getting your bid.


In nearly every state, you are legally required as a homeowner, to have a fence around your pool. This is purely for safety purposes and cannot be avoided; however, many homeowners fail to factor the cost of a fence into their pool estimate. Remember that the fence should be installed at the same time as the pool and must be sturdy and long-lasting.


Having a concrete patio encircling your pool is typically everyone’s ideal. Unfortunately, concrete can get extremely expensive when you factor in the walkway to and from the house. Often, most homeowners envision concrete walkways without picturing the price tag. Don’t find yourself stuck with a concrete cost that could be more than the pool price.


You may have envisioned a hot tub addition with your pool, or large stereos blaring in the summer, both of which will require electrical. Make sure you are factoring in electrical to your pool cost, you will need at least enough power to run your filtration and chlorination systems. Keep in mind, the more amenities you add to the pool area the more power you will need to have hooked up.


The process of installing an in-ground pool is incredibly in-depth and will involve the surrounding landscape. Often the grass will be completely torn up and additional landscape could be damaged. Consider the cost of fixing your landscape into the pool estimation.


In many cases, your driveway may be the only access point to your backyard. If this is true for you, make sure your driveway was built properly. If the concrete or asphalt is too thin it will likely be destroyed by the heavy machinery needed to dig an in-ground pool. This is another cost that may surprise you following a pool installation and should be expected.

Dirt Hauling

You may be surprised by just how much dirt comes out of that hole in the ground for your pool! If you have a large piece of property, you may be able to distribute all of the dirt on your land and yard. Unfortunately, most homeowners will require dirt hauling services that can quickly become costly!

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