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Month: November 2015

Saudi developer secures funds to complete world’s tallest tower

AAfNkMc© Provided by AFP Saudi Arabia’s billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal speaks to reporters during a press conference in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on July 1, 2015

The Saudi developer behind plans for the world’s tallest building said Sunday it had secured financing to complete the record-breaking project.


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Kingdom Holdings Ltd





Alinma Bank





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Kingdom Holding Co, chaired by billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, said its affiliate Jeddah Economic Company had reached a more than $2 billion (1.9 billion euro) financing deal with Saudi Arabia’s Alinma Investment to finish the Jeddah Tower in the Red Sea city.

Previously dubbed “Kingdom Tower”, the 170-storey building is to rise more than a kilometre (almost 3,300 feet), surpassing Dubai’s Burj Khalifa as the world’s highest building.

Costs for the project had previously been estimated at 4.6 billion riyals ($1.2 billion).

“Alinma Bank will finance the fund, to be managed by Alinma Investment, while Jeddah Economic Company will be the master developer of projects that will draw on the fund’s credit lines,” the statement said.

© Provided by AFP A hand out picture made available by Kingdom Holding Company on August 2, 2011, shows the model of the world’s tallest tower to be built in the Red Sea city of Jeddah

The 8.4 billion riyal ($2.24 billion) fund, compliant with Islamic sharia law, will also be used to develop the first phase of Jeddah Economic City, an urban project surrounding the tower in the Obhur area north of Jeddah, the statement said.

Alwaleed said a year ago that the tower, which will feature a hotel, apartments and offices, was slated for completion in 2018.

At that time the four-storey foundations of the building were finished and Alwaleed said “now we are on the verge of building a floor every four days”.

That pace would have put the skyscraper at around 90 floors now, but the statement on Sunday said it is “currently at its 26th floor”.

Mounib Hammoud, chief executive officer of Jeddah Economic Company, said he expects the project to be finished on time “now that the agreement has been signed and required funds secured”.

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Best Shooter games of 2015

2015 is going to see the release of some of the best FPS games for new-gen consoles. This epic list of games contains some of our most wanted FPS and third person shooter titles of 2014.

2014 has been a pretty good year for shooters. While a lot of people were disappointed by some of the more hyped-up ones like Destiny, while other games like Wolfenstein: The New Order and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare proved that their respective series still had it in them when it came to delivering big-scale, explosive fun. 

We’re gonna be seeing some familiar faces in 2015, but also the unexpected returns of some older series and even some entirely new stuff which are looking to bring a lot to the table. A lot of these games we either don’t necessarily know all that much about or haven’t seen much of, but we can’t wait to find out/see more. With that said, here’s our list of the top ten shooters that we’re most excited about in 2015. 

Felt like we left something out? Tell us in the comments!


There are a lot of games out there with bullet-time, but none of them are quite like Superhot. The premise? The game moves at regular speed when you’re moving around, but when you stop everything around you goes into slow-motion allowing you to stop and plan what to do next right in the middle of the action. Starting out as a small prototype made for a game jam back in 2013, it quickly became so popular that it made it through Steam Greenlight in under a weekend, prompting a Kickstarter being launched for the development of a full game. It was funded within its first 23 hours.

The concept is brilliantly imaginative, and the prototype is a lot of fun. Superhot is out on Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux in June 2015, and we can’t wait.


Turtle Rock Studios created some of the best multiplayer ever with the Left 4 Dead series, and it seems like they’re gonna do it once more with Evolve. They’ve essentially taken the Tank fights from Left 4 Dead and expanded on that concept, pitting four humans against one giant, alien monster – and all five are player-controlled. 

The four human characters will have different abilities, as will the alien which will be able to – fittingly enough – evolve as the match progresses. A clever concept which we hope will make for a great multiplayer experience. Evolve is out February [something] 2015.

Dead Island 2

What do you do when you sold your game as really serious and emotionally harrowing but it’s actually more of a ”have a good ol’ time smashing zombies and getting loot with your buddies!” kinda game? Make the sequel completely bonkers, of course!

Dead Island 2 moves the action from the South-Asian island of Banoi to California and takes place several months after the events of the first game. Up until now the series has had four player co-op, and Dead Island 2 will increase the number to a total of a whopping eight players! Players will be able to join other player’s games in a Journey-esque manner where if you’re connected to the internet (and haven’t opted out) other people will be able to randomly go into your world.

With new environments, expanded multiplayer, crazy weapons like freezerays and electric shotguns and some really brutal combat it’s looking like Dead Island 2 will be a whole lot of fun when it comes out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Spring 2015.

Homefront: The Revolution

At this point it’s starting to seem like Homefront is a cursed series. The first one didn’t do very well, probably because it wasn’t very good, and later on its publisher THQ died. Crytek bought the rights to the franchise and started working on Homefront: The Revolution, but quickly handed the rights off to Koch Media and Deep Silver due to money problems. Here’s hoping it doesn’t tank those two companies, because Homefront: The Revolution looks really promising.

Four years after the events of the first game, the eastern US is still under North Korean occupation. The player is part of the American resistance movement, and will wage urban guerrilla warfare in the sandbox city of Philadelphia. You’ll be able to establish bases and safehouses, recruit revolutionaries, steal and assemble your own arsenal and team up with other players online to form a Resistance Cell. Homefront: The Revolution is looking like the game the original should’ve been, and we can’t wait to try it out when it comes out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime next year.

Star Wars Battlefront

The Battlefront games were not only some of the best Star Wars games around, they were also excellent multiplayer experiences in their own right. It seemed like the series was done for when its developer Pandemic closed its doors – they even had a third installment in development which was nearly finished but was never released – but at E3 2013 it was unveiled that EA were gonna publish a DICE-developed reboot of the franchise.

There’s not a lot of info yet aside from a vague Holiday 2015 release date, Frostbite 3 being the engine used and that there will be levels based on Hoth and Endor, but the simple fact that Battlefront is back is enough to get us really excited.

Battlefield: Hardline

Taking a step away from the usual focus on the military that the series is known for, Battlefield: Hardline is an explosive game of cops n’ robbers. Dead Space developers Visceral Games take over for this installment, with an apparently non-linear TV series-inspired single player campaign and some new multiplayer modes where cops face off against criminals. There’s Heist, where criminals must steal money from armored cars and get it to an extraction point while the police have to stop them, Blood Money where the two teams compete to steal the most money, Hotwire where the cops go after the criminals in high-speed vehicle chases and Rescue where the cops have to rescue hostages held by the criminals.

Battlefield: Hardline is looking to be an interesting variation on the typical Battlefield experience, and the beta (while plagued with issues) was pretty fun. The game is out on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on March 17th 2015 in North America and March 19th in Europe. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Oh hey, another cops n’ robbers game! Siege is seemingly all about being part of a SWAT team, and while we haven’t gotten to see any of the singleplayer we have seen the really fun-looking multiplayer. The one game mode we’ve seen so far is Hostage Release, a 5v5 mode where one side plays as criminals who are holed up inside a house with a hostage and the other plays as a SWAT team that has to rescue said hostage. 

The criminals can decide the hostage’s initial location and will be able to reinforce their stronghold with things like barb wire and boobytraps while the SWAT team will be able to choose their entry point and the like. The environments will apparently be highly destructible, allowing for explosives to tear up walls and floors and provide new ways to get around. The concept of this game is really interesting and the gameplay looks quite fun, here’s hoping we get to see more of this new entry in the Rainbow Six series soon.

Halo 5: Guardians

It seemed like Master Chief had finished the fight in Halo 3, but Microsoft were pretty quick to announce a new trilogy because you can’t keep a profitable character down, baby! However, it seems like even though Halo 5 is a continuation of Master Chief’s story he won’t actually be the main character. That’s probably gonna be Agent Jameson Locke, the main character of the upcoming TV series Halo: Nightfall, who’s hunting down the Chief for one reason or another after all the stuff that went down in Halo 4.

There’s not a lot of information or gameplay from this game to go on at the moment, but the Halo games are generally pretty fun (especially with friends) so it seems like a safe bet that Guardians will be too. Those who want to get their hands on it as soon as possible will be able to play the multiplayer beta when it launches later this year. 

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Say what you will about Ubisoft’s business practices, they sure do make some fun-looking games. Case in point: Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Inspired by real US events like Operation Dark Winter and Directive 51, the story sees near-future America collapsing due to a virus released on Black Friday and a group called The Division being established and given full reign by the president to combat the threat of the virus and save what remains of the country. Players are part of said group, and will go on missions in an open world New York. The game will be a MMO third-person shooter, with players fighting both AI enemies and other players.

There’s not a lot of info or footage outside of an E3 gameplay demo, but what we’ve seen so far looks really good. The Division is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2015.


Blizzard’s first new intellectual property in 17 years, Overwatch is a highly stylized team-based shooter set on earth in the near future. Like the equally stylized and highly competitive Team Fortress 2 before it, every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.

Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, commented “Overwatch is our take on a vibrant, near-future universe with amped-up characters and action-packed team-based gameplay. With every new Blizzard game, we look at our favorite aspects of a genre and put our own spin on things. Our goal with Overwatch is to create an awesome FPS experience that’s more accessible to a much wider audience while delivering the action and depth that shooter fans love.”


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Composites for end-users : JEC WORLD presents a new format


Paris, November 26, 2015 COMPOSITES FOR END-USERS JEC WORLD PRESENTS A NEW FORMAT Paris Nord Villepinte March 8, 9, 10, 2016 The largest composites exhibition in the world relocates in a bigger venue with a new name.

Today at 10:01 AM

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There’ll assuredly be a more varied selection of character and vehicle portraits in the full game — this is just from the beta, which opens on Thursday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC owners. The game’s already looking great, though:

There have been dozens of “Star Wars” video games over the years, going back as far as the original Nintendo Entertainment System (and beyond, to the Atari 2600). Ever since the original “Star Wars” film secured the hearts and minds of millions of adoring fans the world over back in 1977, those same fans have wanted to play as their favorite characters from the space opera.

Those characters have never looked better than in 2015’s “Star Wars Battlefront,” a new game that takes everyone’s favorite pieces of the “Star Wars” universe and mashes them all together into a massive, online multiplayer love letter to fans of the sci-fi franchise. Here’s just one quick example of the game in action:

But beyond crazy on-screen action starring Darth Vader, the game’s got some of the most gorgeous “Star Wars” art we’ve ever seen. Join us below for a smattering of what we’ve seen thus far.

The very first screen that comes up when the game loads is a close-up shot of a storm trooper looking haggard:

The loading screens are where the game’s most gorgeous art appears. Like this amazing shot of bounty hunter / fan favorite Boba Fett:

Or this great shot of a standalone AT-ST, menacingly aimed at the player:

The ever-brooding Darth Vader is of course represented as well:

As well as this beautiful side shot of a TIE fighter:

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SimpliSafe: Camera Update

Dear Readers,
In August, we announced the approaching arrival of our cameras. Since that time, we’ve been hard at work to give you a great camera that we can stand behind. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and stubbornly won’t settle for less. We wouldn’t do that to you.
We’re sorry to say that our cameras will not be available for the holidays. We know it’s disappointing, it is for us too. We appreciate your patience, enthusiasm, and passion, and know that you deserve a camera that meets our standards and yours.
We’re eager to get these cameras into your hands. We’ve got samples out from manufacturing and they look awesome (check out the feature photo above!). We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Android App Update
Attention Android Users! You can now access the newly released beta version of our native app by enrolling here. Once you enroll, your app will automatically update. If you do not have our app yet, you’ll need to download it through the Google Play Store and then enroll in the beta.
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Melissa Data Magazine: Fraud Prevention for E-commerce Merchants

fraud-prevention-ecommerce-magazine-coverFraud prevention for E-commerce merchants. Easy steps to dramatically reduce fraudulent transactions. If you can give us two minutes of your time, we’ll give you the key to preventing online fraud.

Learn everything you need to know about Personator ID verification. Are your customers who they claim to be. Discover how to prevent fraud, increase ecommerce sales, and improve online marketing by verifying the true identity of a customer with our new Personator ID  verification solution – and get that peace of mind.

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Shark Tank Just Revealed a Trillion-Dollar Idea


Dollar for dollar, insiders are calling for the biggest sea change in the history of capitalism, and Silicon Valley powerhouses could stand to rake in trillions.

And while a few Sharks are hashing out a deal on prime-time TV for technology’s next big bang, some of these profits are being taken off the table at a blistering pace.


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Watch the video above to discover the technology that has one Shark chomping at the bit and how you could potentially join him by using a simple growth investing strategy that’s crushed the stock market over the past decade.

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Industry-Leading Research.

Click for a full transcript of the video report and more

The Wall Street Journal and referenced Hulbert’s rankings of the best-performing newsletters spans over the 5-year period 2008-2013. David Gardner owns shares of, Apple, Baidu, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Intuitive Surgical, MercadoLibre, Tesla Motors, and Under Armour. Tom Gardner owns shares of Baidu, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Tesla Motors. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends, Apple, Baidu, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Intuitive Surgical, MercadoLibre, Monster Beverage, Tesla Motors, and Under Armour. The Motley Fool owns shares of Microsoft. The Motley Fool recommends Intel,, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Rule Breakers performance as of October 28, 2015.

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