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Month: October 2015

The Markets Closed Higher on Friday, Despite the Weak Jobs Report

 Liz Claman

What a way to end the week!  Even a lackluster September jobs report couldn’t hold the markets down for very long, as all the major averages rallied more than 1% Friday.

The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all managed to swing into positive territory this week, snapping a two-week losing streak. The Dow moved more than 425 points from the high to low. This was its largest intraday swing in three weeks.

Nine out of the 10 S&P 500 sectors closed in the green Friday. Unfortunately, financials was the big laggard on rate-hike expectations, while energy and materials were the big winners for the day and the week.

You’ll want to tune in all next week. Monday we’ll get the ISM number, Wednesday we’ll get the latest read on mortgage applications, and Thursday–big day–we’ll get the minutes from the last FOMC meeting. The question on everyone’s mind: Will they or won’t they?

We’ll also have some earnings. Tuesday we’ll hear from Pepsi (PEP) and Yum Brands (YUM). Wednesday we’ll get numbers from Constellation Brands (STZ). And finally on Thursday, we have Alcoa (AA) after the bell.

You never know how the markets will impact your money. We will bring you all the latest market breaking news every day at 3 p.m. Eastern on FOX Business.

Liz Claman anchors Countdown to the Closing Bell which is presented from 3-4pm EST as well as co-anchors After the Bell from 4-5pm EST. Click here for more information on Liz Claman

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Update Your Household Electrical Tech To Save Money

You may think a lot about how you want to remodel your home to make it look nicer, but something that may be more important as far as money goes is to update some of your electrical systems. Though they won’t necessarily be aesthetic changes, if you start by doing things that save you money on bills and such, you can used those savings at that point to purchase things that are more appearance-oriented.

If you’re at a crossroads about what to start fixing next, consider these four following ideas – the right handyman service makes a big difference, doing an appliance swap is good for energy use, your lighting systems can be made more efficient, and furnaces and AC units are worth updating over time.

Find a Handyman Service You Trust

When you find an electrical systems handyman company you trust, you’ll know that you’re getting the best service for the best cost, and the options they give you make sense in the long run. Different companies specialize in different things, but especially when it comes to the installation processes of major equipment, you don’t want to make costly mistakes on your own, so it’s better to have the experts come in and handle it.

Swap Out Your Old Appliances for Energy Efficient Ones

Energy savings relates directly to money savings, and new, tech-happy appliances that have better processing, more efficient methods, and better overall design are more than worth the money you’ll spend on the initial payments. Once you install resource-efficient appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, and even things like computer monitors, you’ll see instant saving on water bills, gas bills, and electrical bills.

Think About Long Term Lighting

It’s time to throw out those old light bulbs. You’d be amazed at how much energy they waste in terms of heat and money. New CFL bulbs, and especially new LED bulbs will last dozens of times longer and save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. If you look up new lighting technology, it’s quite fascinating the path this tech has taken in recent years.

New Furnaces and AC Units Are Big Money Savers

Two of the biggest energy hogs and money wasters are furnaces and air conditioning units. If you purchase new models of these appliances, you can see a gigantic reduction in energy use, gas use, electricity use, and noise levels. Also, they are better for the environment, and are much easier for technicians to fix than they used to be. Call a qualified company today to find out what kind of a quote you can get for replacing these units, and then you can make a time chart to see when they will have paid for themselves by.

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5 Smart Investments for Small Restaurants

For new, small restaurants, there are a million details you have to concern yourself with, so sometimes it’s good to take a step back and just think about the first few investment you should make to help out your success rate.

If you find yourself overwhelmed in this position, consider that the five following investment won’t necessarily cost a lot of money, but they will help grow your customer base quickly – have the right kind of display outside your shop, have free wi-fi available for customers, have a professional design your menu, spend as much as you need to on comfortable seating, and pay your employees well.

Have the Right Display Outside

How many times have you decided to walk into a restaurant just because there’s a great display outside that tickles your interest? Probably a lot. Which is why, as a small restaurant owner, it makes sense to buy a good restaurant chalkboard that suits the size and style you’re aiming for. All other things being equal, just a good display in the right place aimed at the right demographic can make a huge difference with people just casually strolling by.

Invest In Free Wi-Fi

Having free wi-fi at your restaurant is a huge draw, and therefore a great investment. Especially if you’re small and just starting out, you want to give people all of the reasons in the world to just drop and see what’s going on. If they know that they can connect to the internet without having to use any of their data minutes, that’s just one more aspect of your business that’s going to be seen as good service to customers.

Have a Designer Make Your Menu

A poorly-designed menu, in terms of things like graphics, fonts, layout, and pictures, is a sign that you don’t care about the details of your place. If you hire a designer to make your restaurant menu, or perhaps even do some of the other artwork inside your environment, people will know that you care about what they think and feel there.

Comfortable Seating Is a Must

If people aren’t comfortable when they sit at your place, they aren’t going to come back. This is one expense that may be more than you’re super comfortable with, but buying good restaurant seating is an expense you won’t regret.

Pay Your Employees Well

The final expense that you should never shy away from as a great investment for the future of your restaurant is your employee payroll. Instead of thinking minimum wage, think about how much you can pay them to do an amazing job, and their extra effort toward keeping you and the customers happy will pay itself back almost immediately.


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Comprehending the Fundamentals of Technology

ID-10027937The developments in technology certainly assisted a lot of us to have the ability to grow our business with techniques that people had not considered possible. The unfortunate factor is, however, since technologies are evolving so rapidly, it will make it hard to maintain the most recent. Obviously, in lots of situations, it’s not really essential for you to maintain the most recent developments in technology, but it’s still essential for you to actually comprehend the fundamentals from the technology that you’re using.

So far as maintaining using the most advanced technology is worried, this really is something that’s really likely to rely on both you and your specific needs. By trying to remain on the leading edge whatsoever occasions, you actually will be buying new equipment on almost a continuous basis. For many companies as well as for most use at home, that’s not generally likely to be necessary. Even though it may be beneficial that you should get caught up every now and then, it’s not generally necessary that you should continue generally. The very best time and energy to meet up with technologies are whenever a new operating-system is launched or maybe a significant upgrade happens. It may be beneficial, however, that you should watch out for any bugs with individuals new os’s and just upgrade once you are sure that they’re stable.

It isn’t just the pc itself which needs to become upgraded, it’s also the peripheral devices along with your networking that will have to be upgraded every so often. Some people continue using exactly the same ink jet printers along with other peripheral devices we have employed for quite a while. You will find advances which do occur occasionally, however, which will make it advantageous to think about improving throughout that point. Much like purchasing a brand new computer, however, make certain that you simply wait lengthy enough to ensure that you will know it’s stable which it’ll provide what’s guaranteed when it’s first launched.

One other issue that lots of us encounter with technology is always that we don’t possess a full computer vocabulary at our disposal. This makes it difficult if we are speaking to somebody about technical support or possibly if we are talking about things with this IT department. You will find classes that may be taken, however, for example individuals which are authorized by the CSTA which let you possess a fundamental knowledge of the pc in addition to creating a vocabulary to ensure that you are able to discuss your pc smartly.

As you have seen, there undoubtedly are a lot of things that should be considered when you’re speaking concerning the technology that runs your company. Bear in mind, technology will probably be different for everybody business, so it’s definitely not a 1-size-fits-all situation. By understanding your work, however, in addition to understanding computer systems generally, you’ll have a far better concept of when you should upgrade effectively. Belinda Brown may be the author want to know , about computer vocabulary and CSTA. She’s an IT college professor for more than twenty five years and loves to go to Japan to discover the most recent technology.

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