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Technology That Can Enhance Your Wedding Day Memories

Technology affects us all in many ways on a daily basis.  We use it to communicate.  We use it to conduct business.  We use technology in almost every aspect of our lives.  One of the best purposes fulfilled by technology is the ability to archive our lives in high definition and in living color.  If you’re planning the big day sometime soon, and you’re interested in a high quality way of capturing every second of the special day, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here are a few excellent ideas you may want to consider implementing into your wedding plan.  

Apple Watch Art

If you aren’t familiar with the capabilities of the newly released Apple Watch, here’s a little summary.  It enables you to basically turn your watch into your phone.  You can send texts.  You can draw and send pictures, and you can even track your heart rate throughout the day.  Here’s where the technology comes into your wedding plans.  You and your partner can track your heartbeat throughout the whole day, print those readings out, and then turn them into a piece of art.  You can build beauty straight from the beating of your hearts.  

Drones For Angles

Pictures are always a staple of any wedding.  You want to memorialize that day.  You want to be able to share it with your future children and family members that weren’t able to make it to the actual ceremony.  Because of the advancement of technology, you’re now able to capture angles that just aren’t possible without the assistance of technology.  Camera drones can capture moving panoramic photographs from an aerial view moving down to face level.  

Bouquet View Recording

If you’ve always dreamed of your wedding scene from a third person view walking down the aisle, this little gadget can make that dream come true.  You can now purchase a wedding bouquet with a built in camera to capture every second of your ceremony.  You can choose which angle you want to view your ceremony.  You can carry the camera bouquet yourself, or have one of your bride’s maids do the filming.  

Light Projection Wedding Cakes

You can even bring the fancy techno gadgets to your wedding cake.  With a simply designed white cake as the foundation, you can order any sort of projection to be projected onto the surface of your cake for the big day.  With the right sort of mood lighting, and the right projection creator, you’ll feel like you’re in a dream.  Your guests will be in awe of the beauty of your reception, and you’ll feel like a King/Queen.  Whatever theme you choose, there’s a colored lighting creation to match.

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