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Thanks to Leia 3D, Pioneering Holographic Reality Has Arrived

Ever since it was introduced, imagery of 3D nature has captivated young and old. We were introduced to 3D imagery in theaters, then 3D televisions hit the market. Now, thanks to the company Leia 3D,pioneering holographic reality has arrived.

Goodbye to Dorky 3DGlasses

The Dev kit by Leia 3D brings you stunning 3D imagery that you can actually touch, see, and move without those dorky 3D glasses that you have to put on in theaters. Without prior knowledge of 3D modeling, you can create holographic experience and content. You’ll be able to see imagery without bad spots, ghost images, or more breaks. With finger gestures or hand, you’ll be able to control holograms and manipulate images in mid-air. You’ll be able to also feel the physical sensation of the images with your fingertips.


This is a virtual reality unit that provides augmented reality. There’s no other like it in the market, which is just one reason why it has been able to garner the attention of the media and the general public alike, and thus, it has been selling like hotcakes. The creators of Leia 3D have been able to unite the physical and the digital world to create astounding interactions that you can’t attain anywhere else.

They can turn your favorite 3D / AR / VR content into interactive holograms or create something new with our open source SDK.
Holographic Reality Is Here to Stay

This device has been mentioned in the MIT Technology Review, CNBC, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Yahoo Tech, Tom’s Guide, CNET, Le Monde, and others. If you are into social media, you can utilize the hashtags #LEIA3D, #holographicreality, and #ad to share the good news with your friends. For more information on the Dev Kit, feel free to visit

Thank you Leia 3D for sponsoring this conversation.

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