Canadian Start-Up Launches Cross-Platform Technology to Bridge Apple/Android Gap

A Canadian based start-up is revolutionizing the mobile memory sphere with an innovative cross-platform device that supports seamless sharing between Apple and Android systems. Using a multifunctional technology, Savii Solutions has bridged the gap between the two hugely popular operating systems. Now, users can enjoy total control over storage and sharing, at their fingertips. To fast-track the product to mobile device users, Savvi Solutions has launched a whirlwind Indiegogo campaign aiming to raise US$50,000 in 60 days.
Sleek, smart and ultra-compact, the iSafe Drive compliments the elegance and style of contemporary mobile devices. The technology features micro-computer intelligence that’s compatible with the latest iOS 9.0 and above. The iSafe Drive processor supports 1-128GB microSD card storage and can be interchanged with other microSD readable devices simply extracting and inserting into an alternative device. The combination USB/microUSB connector supports inter-device transfers, as well as video streaming.
Brodie Kalamen, co-founder, said, “Android and Apple are the world’s most widely used operating systems, each offering its own unique benefits. Technology enthusiasts know how to pick and choose their devices which means that often, people will own both Android and Apple devices. Unfortunately, transferring content between the two operating systems can be a logistical problem. The iSafe Drive has been engineered to take the hassle out of cross-platform transfers by creating a bridge between PCs, Macs, Android and Apple devices. Put simply, it makes memory limitations a thing of the past.”
For modern day technology users that rely on multiple devices to capture photographs, store contact lists, play videos, browse the web, send/receive emails and more, the iSafe Drive is a must have companion. The intelligent technology is capable of transferring data between multiple mobile devices without affecting data bandwidth or relying on iTunes software. Thanks to the powerful Lighting connector users enjoy ultra-fast transfer rates above 8mb/sec. When it comes to entertainment the iSafe Drive is world class. With its real-time, 4k video streaming that utilizes zero storage, device users are free to sit back and enjoy crystal clear media.
The iSafe Drive offers users robust security with its military grade 256-bit AES hardware encryption technology that actively protects private and personal data with additional password security. Should devices be lost or stolen this gives users the total peace of mind that their data will be safe.
Long-time friends turned business partners Benjamin Lin and Brodie Kalamen are the brains behind the iSafe Drive. The pair co-founded Savvi Solutions Inc. in 2012 with the intent of developing exciting and creative solutions for mobile users. Thanks to strategic corporate relationships between with Taiwan based engineering and manufacturing teams such as Chesen Electronic Corporation (CEC) and CviLux Group the company has been able to bring its visions to life.
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Savvi Solutions is a Canadian based company committed to developing innovative solutions and revolutionary technologies within the digital world. The company is co-owned by Benjamin Lin and Brodie Kalamen, a pair of self-confessed tech buffs. iSafe Drive is the copmany’s debut product, designed to bridge the gap between Android and Apple devices.
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