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5 Smart Investments for Small Restaurants

For new, small restaurants, there are a million details you have to concern yourself with, so sometimes it’s good to take a step back and just think about the first few investment you should make to help out your success rate.

If you find yourself overwhelmed in this position, consider that the five following investment won’t necessarily cost a lot of money, but they will help grow your customer base quickly – have the right kind of display outside your shop, have free wi-fi available for customers, have a professional design your menu, spend as much as you need to on comfortable seating, and pay your employees well.

Have the Right Display Outside

How many times have you decided to walk into a restaurant just because there’s a great display outside that tickles your interest? Probably a lot. Which is why, as a small restaurant owner, it makes sense to buy a good restaurant chalkboard that suits the size and style you’re aiming for. All other things being equal, just a good display in the right place aimed at the right demographic can make a huge difference with people just casually strolling by.

Invest In Free Wi-Fi

Having free wi-fi at your restaurant is a huge draw, and therefore a great investment. Especially if you’re small and just starting out, you want to give people all of the reasons in the world to just drop and see what’s going on. If they know that they can connect to the internet without having to use any of their data minutes, that’s just one more aspect of your business that’s going to be seen as good service to customers.

Have a Designer Make Your Menu

A poorly-designed menu, in terms of things like graphics, fonts, layout, and pictures, is a sign that you don’t care about the details of your place. If you hire a designer to make your restaurant menu, or perhaps even do some of the other artwork inside your environment, people will know that you care about what they think and feel there.

Comfortable Seating Is a Must

If people aren’t comfortable when they sit at your place, they aren’t going to come back. This is one expense that may be more than you’re super comfortable with, but buying good restaurant seating is an expense you won’t regret.

Pay Your Employees Well

The final expense that you should never shy away from as a great investment for the future of your restaurant is your employee payroll. Instead of thinking minimum wage, think about how much you can pay them to do an amazing job, and their extra effort toward keeping you and the customers happy will pay itself back almost immediately.


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