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Month: October 2015

Financial Pairing

Finances prove to be one of the hottest of hot button issues for couples because money, like many other items, reveal a great deal through a subconscious vector about an individual’s beliefs and needs.
Couples sometimes are unaware of what their fighting about when money comes into the picture. Being aware of potential pitfalls and finding the correct ways to address them gives couples the ammunition they require to come out the other side stronger and better prepared for the future.

Potential Pitfalls

By their definition, couples faced with areas of concern need to spot them before they engulf their vision. While possible to slog through a deep puddling, it is always much easier to walk around it remaining dry. The best way to redirect is through seeing the obstacle approaching from the horizon. Let’s look at some concerning areas.

Values: Individuals may value money differently. Often this comes from the example set at home when they were growing up. The strange thing is a full disclosure of the past will not indicate where those values lie.

For instance, someone growing up with a great deal of financial security may cause them to devalue or overvalue money. The same can be said when someone grows up with very little money. This sort of conversation requires couples to dig into more than the financial setting they desire.

Fighting: With the varied values, a fight about money causes deeper emotions to be stirred. If a person feels their being judged for decisions they make with money, this could cause them to lash out. Couples need to accept the person for where they are, seek to understand one another and minimize the tendency to shame the other person.

Familiar Patterns: Growing up, certain pattern will have been established. Couples who saw their father keeping a strong eye on the finances may see their role in relation to the history.

This becomes challenging when one or the other excels at an area where they expect the other to take the lead. Couples need to avoid doing what is expected because it places their financial security and relationship at risk.

Excelling Beyond the Pitfalls

Couples possess keys to succeeding with their finances. None are more important their unity and communication. By discussing the problems at hand, couples can combat the financial problems they face.

* Connected Finances: Though frightening, couples who meld their finances into a single account stand a better chance of succeeding.

* Debt: There is no their debt or your debt. There is only debt. Couples need to attack the debt as a unit to be free of it sooner and possess a common goal.

* Budgets: Both partners spend, so both partners need to have a hand in budgeting. This prevents confusion or possible fights about perceived overspending by one partner or the other.

* Invest: While planning for the future, this includes investing. One may do the research and take the lead, but this is not a one person show because both lives are tied to what happens with the investments.

* Secret Free: Not hiding spending from the other person is important. These types of secrets, though appearing harmless on the surface, undermine the financial trust and places the relationship at risk.

Couples heading into the future with open eyes and strong partnership stand the best chance of surviving. Attacking finances as two independent contractors leads to greater strife.

Talking about the things they face and remaining unified in the face of all tendencies to the contrary ends up being the best course. Be strong and talk. The result will be happier and more stable home.

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Anticipation Builds as US Portable Tech Specialists Reaches 500 Twitter Followers

RadGadget Labs has achieved a social media milestone after reaching over 500 followers on Twitter. The fan page was recently set up after the technology aficionados surpassed 200 likes on social media platform, Facebook.

Experts in providing thrill seekers with life enhancing technology, anticipation is building around the brand’s next announcement which those on the go hope will continue to enrich their day-to-day activities.

Richard Brant, Founder of RadGadget Labs said “We continue to be pleasantly surprised at the response we are getting from our growing social media community. Reaching 500 followers on Twitter shows us just how excited our audience is to hear about the latest RadGadget Labs products.

“This is just the beginning for RadGadgets Labs. This latest milestone has allowed us to interact with our customers effectively and meet their needs and requirements. Social media has given us a platform to engage with our audience and this is something we will continue to do to help us streamline our designs and create tech that slots seamlessly into active lives.”

RadGadget Labs has made a name for itself over the last few weeks; first their innovative Tykhe Bluetooth headphones were released and then the tech experts began to slowly dominate each social media platform as it was created.

Robust, durable and with standout sound quality, Tykhe Bluetooth headphones are designed to give adventure sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts all they need to enjoy their favorite hobbies to a rocking soundtrack.

Available in three colors and with different sized earbuds, users can simply plug in and forget, Created for an active lifestyle the headphones can be used on the move without the danger of wires getting caught or becoming uncomfortable.

Brant added, “We’ve had some really great engagement and communication on Twitter and we’re really looking forwards to seeing more action shots of the headphones being used across the country. We have several exciting initiatives planned for our social media community so watch this space!”

To find out more about RadGadget Labs’ new range of Bluetooth headphones visit:

About RadGadget Labs

Founded by Richard Brant, RadGadget Labs is committed to enrich the lives of technology users through the development of innovative technology. Drawing on years of customer service and internet marketing, RadGadget Labs gives everything thrill seekers need to live life to the fullest, without endangering themselves. Inspired by the Ancient Greek goddess of good luck, Tykhe, the technology specialists wish all their customers the very best in what they do and hope the goddesses’ guidance will help them live life to the fullest.


Dakota Digital for RadGadget Labs

Contact: Josh Barlow
Tel UK: 01623 428996
Tel US: 917-720-3025

# # ENDS # #

If you would rather not receive future communications from Dakota Digital, please go to
Dakota Digital, 6 White Hart Street, Mansfield, NG18 1DG, United Kingdom

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A Trove Review

Of all of the MMO Game Free to Play Games Online Games , Trove is one of the best that people are going to be able to find. Naturally, the fact that Trove and games in this category area all free should be a huge benefit for a lot of people. However, the actual gameplay of Trove makes it one of the best games that people are going to be able to find online these days.

Some people might find Trove some what derivative, but it is difficult to find any game online that isn’t reminiscent of another in some way or another, particularly for the people who are seasoned MMO game players. Trove in particular is similar to Minecraft. However, the important thing is that it puts its own spin on the mechanics, which is definitely the case here from the graphics to the gameplay.

The leveling is made exciting by the randomly generated worlds. As such, the scenery is going to be more interesting than it otherwise would have been. The player-generated loot makes everything feel more cohesive. The dungeons in particular are made by the players. Players are going to feel that much more connected to all of their surroundings when they go about playing this game.

There are also many different styles of play involved with Trove. Players are going to be kept on their toes throughout the game. It’s a game that requires a certain degree of commitment, but the players should enjoy every single moment of it all. I really enjoyed playing the games and I will definitely play the games again. And I will also recommend Trove to my friends.TROVE is available for PC and Mac.

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IK Multimedia releases iRig Pro DUO: true mobility meets professional audio

iRig Pro DUO gives guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, vocalists, producers and engineers true mobility with the first self-powered dual-channel professional mobile audio interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC

October 27, 2015 – IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation technology, is pleased to announce iRig® Pro DUO, the first truly mobile high-definition dual-channel mobile audio and MIDI interface for iPhone/iPad, Mac/PC and Android devices. The smallest fully-featured dual-channel interface, iRig Pro DUO finally frees musicians to create inspired music on the go with studio-quality audio and a whole suite of features found in interfaces costing three times the price. Designed and made in Italy, it comes fully loaded with everything musicians and producers need to record on the move.


iRig Pro DUO features two XLR/TRS combo audio input jacks with gain controls and phantom power, ultra-low noise/high-headroom preamps, high end 24-bit AD/DA converters, MIDI IN/OUT jacks for connecting controllers and other MIDI devices, a stereo pair of TRS balanced output jacks and a headphone out with level control. To top it all off, it’s also truly self-powered via 2 AA batteries and comes with an array of additional powering options. No other studio-quality audio interface offers this level of portability at such an affordable price. And, most remarkably, it manages to fit all of these features (and more) into an extremely compact enclosure that fits easily into the palm of a hand. With iRig Pro DUO, true mobility for portable simultaneous 2-channel recording and processing has finally arrived for everyone.

True mobility 

What makes iRig Pro DUO stand out in the crowded interface market is its remarkable level of portability and professional audio quality. Designed to fit recording studio specifications into a travel-ready enclosure, it is the smallest fully-featured dual-channel interface available. Its compact size and multitude of powering options make it ideally suited for use while on the move – for true “off the grid” performance, iRig Pro DUO can be powered by 2 AA batteries (included). Plus, iRig Pro DUO can be powered via USB for Mac/PC or via an optional wall power adapter. This means that it’s ideal for use everywhere: on the road, at a gig, in the studio and anywhere in between. It’s a perfectly portable self-contained mobile studio solution for the musician or producer who wants the utmost in recording quality and versatility.

iRig Pro DUO is the most compact dual-channel interface available. Measuring just 130 x 75 x 38 mm, it fits easily into a gig bag, laptop bag, pocket or the palm of a hand.

True pro quality

iRig Pro DUO’s high-grade analog circuitry and no compromise power supply design provide studio-quality sound on the go. Its dual XLR/TRS audio input jacks can be used to plug in guitars, basses, keyboards, line-level instruments and microphones to capture pristine and transparent 24-bit audio on the go. Players can record two channels of audio simultaneously using two instruments, two studio microphones or any combination of instruments they desire. It’s perfect for singer/songwriters, guitar and bass jammers, duet singers and more – the possibilities are infinite. MIDI controllers and instruments can be connected with ease thanks to iRig Pro DUO’s MIDI IN/OUT jacks. All the required cables for connecting MIDI hardware are included (TRS to MIDI-DIN).


With its dual inputs, musicians can make multi-track recordings on the fly. iRig Pro DUO can accommodate high-end phantom powered condenser microphones – 48V phantom power is available with the flip of a switch. Sound can be conveniently monitored with zero latency via either its 2 balanced TRS outputs or its headphone out jack with onboard level control.

Superior output

iRig Pro DUO’s high-quality balanced outputs can easily drive any kind of input. They deliver a stunningly clear audio signal thanks to its exceptional output drivers. The totally floating design of iRig Pro DUO’s balanced outputs protect it from potential ground loop issues and buzz when performing onstage with iOS devices or laptops. This superior design makes it the ideal audio interface for live performing musicians that want to connect their gear directly to the stage audio system without having to use any special cables or problematic DI Boxes.

True studio sound

When it comes to recording interfaces, they’re really only as good as they sound – and iRig Pro DUO sounds absolutely fantastic. This is due to world class AD/DA conversion, no compromise analog stages, superior power supply, ultra-low noise and high-headroom preamps and professional balanced audio outputs. Simply put, iRig Pro DUO lets musicians and producers make great sounding recordings with all the musical subtlety and nuance of a pro studio interface, but in an extremely mobile form-factor.


Truly loaded with apps

iRig Pro DUO also comes with over $/€450 worth of useful apps and software from IK Multimedia that allow it to work right out of the box. These include powerful tools like AmpliTube® Metal, SampleTank® SE and T-RackS® Classic for Mac and PC as well as a full complement of recording and processing apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. iRig Pro DUO is loaded with everything needed to fuel creativity and enhance productivity. For the complete list of included software and apps, please visit

iRig Pro DUO is also fully compatible with a wide variety of third party apps and software, like Cubasis, ProStudio Vocal FX, MultiTrack DAW, Samsung Soundcamp and more. It’s also compatible with Apple’s GarageBand and Logic Pro X apps, and iOS Voice Memos and more.


Pricing and availability

iRig Pro DUO is now shipping and will be available from music and electronics retailers worldwide, and from the IK online store, for only $/€199.99 (excluding taxes).

For more information, please visit

To see iRig Pro DUO in action, please go to

For a complete list of included software and apps, please visit

Warm regards,

Starr Ackerman

N/C/S American PR Manager

IK Multimedia. Musicians First.

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Technology That Can Enhance Your Wedding Day Memories

Technology affects us all in many ways on a daily basis.  We use it to communicate.  We use it to conduct business.  We use technology in almost every aspect of our lives.  One of the best purposes fulfilled by technology is the ability to archive our lives in high definition and in living color.  If you’re planning the big day sometime soon, and you’re interested in a high quality way of capturing every second of the special day, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here are a few excellent ideas you may want to consider implementing into your wedding plan.  

Apple Watch Art

If you aren’t familiar with the capabilities of the newly released Apple Watch, here’s a little summary.  It enables you to basically turn your watch into your phone.  You can send texts.  You can draw and send pictures, and you can even track your heart rate throughout the day.  Here’s where the technology comes into your wedding plans.  You and your partner can track your heartbeat throughout the whole day, print those readings out, and then turn them into a piece of art.  You can build beauty straight from the beating of your hearts.  

Drones For Angles

Pictures are always a staple of any wedding.  You want to memorialize that day.  You want to be able to share it with your future children and family members that weren’t able to make it to the actual ceremony.  Because of the advancement of technology, you’re now able to capture angles that just aren’t possible without the assistance of technology.  Camera drones can capture moving panoramic photographs from an aerial view moving down to face level.  

Bouquet View Recording

If you’ve always dreamed of your wedding scene from a third person view walking down the aisle, this little gadget can make that dream come true.  You can now purchase a wedding bouquet with a built in camera to capture every second of your ceremony.  You can choose which angle you want to view your ceremony.  You can carry the camera bouquet yourself, or have one of your bride’s maids do the filming.  

Light Projection Wedding Cakes

You can even bring the fancy techno gadgets to your wedding cake.  With a simply designed white cake as the foundation, you can order any sort of projection to be projected onto the surface of your cake for the big day.  With the right sort of mood lighting, and the right projection creator, you’ll feel like you’re in a dream.  Your guests will be in awe of the beauty of your reception, and you’ll feel like a King/Queen.  Whatever theme you choose, there’s a colored lighting creation to match.

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Smart cities, urban tech form part of White House innovation strategy


The White House celebrated “Back to the Future” Day on Wednesday by releasing an updated strategy for fostering innovative new economic development in the years and decades to come. Although research into hoverboard technology goes unmentioned, urban-centered innovation has a significant part in the document’s vision.

In the latest version of its “Strategy for American Innovation,” the Obama Administration made fostering smart cities one of nine spotlight areas in the 119-page document. The strategy also highlighted several other areas that will impact future urban life, including autonomous vehicle development and green energy technologies.

The document calls on the federal government to support research into “Internet of Things” technologies and “multi-sector collaborations to deploy new approaches and knowledge sharing across communities.” These efforts will involve “civic hackers,” the White House notes — which the administration itself has incorporated into federal agency computing innovation through offices like 18F.

The administration also calls for a doubling of federal research funds for autonomous vehicle development in order to establish safety standards for their arrival on roadways.

The document also notes so-called “gigabit cities” like Chattanooga, Tennessee; Lafayette, Louisiana; and Kansas City, Missouri; that have made high-speed broadband a centerpiece of future economic development.

Fundamentally, the document calls for an end to sequestration-level spending in the next federal budget and a return to robust research and development investments across a variety of technological areas. The White House’s FY2016 budget requests $146 billion in R&D spending.

“A thriving American innovation ecosystem requires not only visionary and risk-taking entrepreneurs and companies, but also the foundational ‘building blocks’ of innovation in which the Federal government invests,” the document reads.

Wednesday’s update is the second since the Obama Administration issued the strategy in 2009. The last update was completed in 2011.

For more:
read this White House fact sheet
view the entire “Strategy for American Innovation” (.pdf)

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Thanks to Leia 3D, Pioneering Holographic Reality Has Arrived

Ever since it was introduced, imagery of 3D nature has captivated young and old. We were introduced to 3D imagery in theaters, then 3D televisions hit the market. Now, thanks to the company Leia 3D,pioneering holographic reality has arrived.

Goodbye to Dorky 3DGlasses

The Dev kit by Leia 3D brings you stunning 3D imagery that you can actually touch, see, and move without those dorky 3D glasses that you have to put on in theaters. Without prior knowledge of 3D modeling, you can create holographic experience and content. You’ll be able to see imagery without bad spots, ghost images, or more breaks. With finger gestures or hand, you’ll be able to control holograms and manipulate images in mid-air. You’ll be able to also feel the physical sensation of the images with your fingertips.


This is a virtual reality unit that provides augmented reality. There’s no other like it in the market, which is just one reason why it has been able to garner the attention of the media and the general public alike, and thus, it has been selling like hotcakes. The creators of Leia 3D have been able to unite the physical and the digital world to create astounding interactions that you can’t attain anywhere else.

They can turn your favorite 3D / AR / VR content into interactive holograms or create something new with our open source SDK.
Holographic Reality Is Here to Stay

This device has been mentioned in the MIT Technology Review, CNBC, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Yahoo Tech, Tom’s Guide, CNET, Le Monde, and others. If you are into social media, you can utilize the hashtags #LEIA3D, #holographicreality, and #ad to share the good news with your friends. For more information on the Dev Kit, feel free to visit

Thank you Leia 3D for sponsoring this conversation.

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Canadian Start-Up Launches Cross-Platform Technology to Bridge Apple/Android Gap

A Canadian based start-up is revolutionizing the mobile memory sphere with an innovative cross-platform device that supports seamless sharing between Apple and Android systems. Using a multifunctional technology, Savii Solutions has bridged the gap between the two hugely popular operating systems. Now, users can enjoy total control over storage and sharing, at their fingertips. To fast-track the product to mobile device users, Savvi Solutions has launched a whirlwind Indiegogo campaign aiming to raise US$50,000 in 60 days.
Sleek, smart and ultra-compact, the iSafe Drive compliments the elegance and style of contemporary mobile devices. The technology features micro-computer intelligence that’s compatible with the latest iOS 9.0 and above. The iSafe Drive processor supports 1-128GB microSD card storage and can be interchanged with other microSD readable devices simply extracting and inserting into an alternative device. The combination USB/microUSB connector supports inter-device transfers, as well as video streaming.
Brodie Kalamen, co-founder, said, “Android and Apple are the world’s most widely used operating systems, each offering its own unique benefits. Technology enthusiasts know how to pick and choose their devices which means that often, people will own both Android and Apple devices. Unfortunately, transferring content between the two operating systems can be a logistical problem. The iSafe Drive has been engineered to take the hassle out of cross-platform transfers by creating a bridge between PCs, Macs, Android and Apple devices. Put simply, it makes memory limitations a thing of the past.”
For modern day technology users that rely on multiple devices to capture photographs, store contact lists, play videos, browse the web, send/receive emails and more, the iSafe Drive is a must have companion. The intelligent technology is capable of transferring data between multiple mobile devices without affecting data bandwidth or relying on iTunes software. Thanks to the powerful Lighting connector users enjoy ultra-fast transfer rates above 8mb/sec. When it comes to entertainment the iSafe Drive is world class. With its real-time, 4k video streaming that utilizes zero storage, device users are free to sit back and enjoy crystal clear media.
The iSafe Drive offers users robust security with its military grade 256-bit AES hardware encryption technology that actively protects private and personal data with additional password security. Should devices be lost or stolen this gives users the total peace of mind that their data will be safe.
Long-time friends turned business partners Benjamin Lin and Brodie Kalamen are the brains behind the iSafe Drive. The pair co-founded Savvi Solutions Inc. in 2012 with the intent of developing exciting and creative solutions for mobile users. Thanks to strategic corporate relationships between with Taiwan based engineering and manufacturing teams such as Chesen Electronic Corporation (CEC) and CviLux Group the company has been able to bring its visions to life.
To support the Indiegogo campaign go to:
To find out more about Savvi Solutions and the iSafe Drive, go to:
Savvi Solutions is a Canadian based company committed to developing innovative solutions and revolutionary technologies within the digital world. The company is co-owned by Benjamin Lin and Brodie Kalamen, a pair of self-confessed tech buffs. iSafe Drive is the copmany’s debut product, designed to bridge the gap between Android and Apple devices.
Dakota Digital for Savvi Solutions
Contact: Rebecca Appleton
Tel UK: 01623 428996
Tel US: 917-720-3025
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Online retail spreads in North Africa and the Middle East

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) With infrastructure improving, online sales in the Middle East and North Africa region are forecasted to grow in the next five years, according to a new publication from Hamburg-based Led by countries such as the UAE, Internet users in the MENA countries are slowly grasping the benefits of online shopping, while a number of local players compete for their rising online expenditure.

The E-Commerce market in the Middle East and Africa has the potential to grow at small double-digit rates in the next five years, with the B2C segment forecasted to account for close to one-third of the total online sales in the region. Driven by improving Internet penetration, rising ownership of mobile devices and payment cards, online retail in these countries is set to boom in the near future.

The leading country in the region on many accounts is the UAE. This country has the highest Internet, mobile device and payment card penetration, which all contribute to making the UAE the market with the largest B2C E-Commerce sales. With more consumers shopping online every year, the share of B2C E-Commerce on total retail sales of goods in the UAE is forecasted to triple between 2014 and 2019. UAE is also a home market to the major E-Commerce merchant in the MENA region, Souq, with the online shops and

Saudi Arabia is another Middle Eastern country that ranks high in the MENA region by the characteristics relevant to B2C E-Commerce. M-Commerce has an especially high potential there, with more than two-thirds of online shoppers making their latest online purchase via smartphones according to a survey done last year.

Morocco and Egypt are most advanced markets in the North Africa part of the MENA region in terms of Internet penetration, which reached more than half of the population in these countries last year. Still, online shopper penetration stood at below 10%, though especially in Morocco, the number of users buying over the Internet has grown significantly. In Egypt, Facebook plays a significant role in online shopping. This social network not only generates traffic for online merchants such as and Jumia, but is also regarded by online shoppers as a website for direct placement of orders.

Other important regional markets include Bahrain that shows one of the fastest growth rates in B2C E-Commerce sales. Qatar, the country with the third highest per capita GDP worldwide, on the other hand, had less than 20% of Internet users making purchases online, despite the fact that the majority of residents already have Internet access.

About GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the world’s leading secondary market research companies. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date and objective data on Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment markets to sector-leading companies worldwide.

Our multilingual staff researches, gathers, filters and translates information from thousands of reputable sources to synthesize accurate and timely reports in our areas of expertise, covering more than 100 countries and all global regions. Our market reports focus predominantly on online retail and payments, but also cover a broad range of related topics including M-Commerce, Cross-Border E-Commerce, E-Commerce Delivery, Online Gaming and many others. In addition to our wide selection of market reports, we also provide custom market research services.214212

We are proud to cooperate with companies like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. Given our numerous citations in leading media sources and journals worldwide, including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, we are considered one of the most highly-reputed international secondary market research companies with an expertise in the areas of B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment.

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New US Based Company Makes Life Easier with Wireless Headphones Inspired by Ancient Greece

A new brand dedicated to enhancing the lives of electronic device users has exploded onto the digital market, providing thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts with headphones designed for an active life.

RadGadget Labs provides quality merchandise to US customers across a number of internet sites including and Buyshop. The new range of Tykhe headphones draws from its namesake, Tykhe the Greek goddess of chance and good fortune, to bring good luck to those who need it when living life to the fullest.

Richard Brant, Founder of RadGadget Labs said, “We are excited to that our range of headphones is available to buy at some of the biggest internet shopping providers. They are perfect for everyone who live life to its full potential.

“Compatible with some of the most popular mobile technology including Apple and Android smartphones, and tablets such as the iPad, our Bluetooth headphones give listeners clear sound, deep bass and a life free from tangled wires.”

Available in with three different sized earbuds and two pairs of soft inner ear stabilizers to keep buds in ear, RadGadget Labs’ headphones are ideal for the most rigorous activities such as running and biking.

On earphone buttons allow for complete usability allowing users to change volume, pause, play, fast forwards and rewind calls. Users can also speak to their friends and family through the in-built microphone.

With 5 hours of music playtime, 7 hours of talk-time, a 60 minute recharge time and a 6 month guarantee the Tykhe headphones gives users the chance to embrace a life with crystal clear sound.

To find out more about RadGadget Labs’ new range of Bluetooth headphones visit:


About RadGadget Labs

Founded by Richard Brant, RadGadget Labs is committed to enrich the lives of technology users through the development of innovative technology. Drawing on years of customer service and internet marketing, RadGadget Labs gives everything thrill seekers need to live life to the fullest, without endangering themselves. Inspired by the Ancient Greek goddess of good luck, Tykhe, the technology specialists wish all their customers the very best in what they do and hope the goddesses’ guidance will help them live life to the fullest.

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