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4 Ways We’re Using Money and Technology To Help Law Enforcement


Law enforcement is a hot button issue these days, and there’s a lot of negative news about the relationship between police and civilians. However, there are also a lot of advances in law enforcement technology that have been financed lately to help everyone do their jobs more effectively.

Consider the four following ways that money and technology are being used to help law enforcement officials and military personnel to do a better job serving their communities – better training for canines helps law enforcement become more effective, the development of better non-lethal weapons means that fewer people are going to get hurt, better body armor means better  protection when required, and better equipment for surveillance means more accurate detection of people breaking the law.

Training Canines for Police Use

Canines are an integral part of many police outfits. With money and technology going into what are essentially universities for canine use, there are great stories about police dogs that can help you understand why improvements are necessary, and why they are happening with the help of an influx of interest, equipment, and skill from handlers.

Developing Non-Lethal Technology

The military budget is constantly pumping money and technology into developing non-lethal weaponry. If there’s any possible way to handle a situation without killing or harming more people than necessary, then putting our brains and our resources into that equation is one of the smartest things that we can do as a species. Especially with the current prevalence of conflict in the world, it’s more important than ever to handle situations with the least amount of bloodshed possible.

Creating Better Body Armor

Newly developed body armor will help law enforcement and military do their jobs with less fear of harm and failure as well. Reading the latest news on body armor will illustrate just how far the concepts have advanced thanks to financial backing of the government and private institutions.

Inventing Better Methods of Surveillance

Sometimes the key to having law enforcement be able to do their jobs more effectively is the right surveillance equipment. Better technology and more expensive equipment means that they’re going to get the right bad guys that much faster. Processors are smaller and faster. Cameras are smaller and have better resolution. Wi-Fi allows data to be transmitted from places never before possible. Recorded audio has taken on a new level of clarity. The types of watching and listening that law enforcement can do now thanks to the money that goes into experimentation and development has literally changed the way that they can accomplish all of the work necessary during the toughest of imaginable jobs.


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