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4 Tips for Understanding Permissions Technology

There have been some frustrations, some freakouts, and some misconceptions about the idea of ‘permissions’ in several different aspects of current computer technology. The general idea of permission is that you, as a user, are allowing something to happen. But when the idea of permission gets transformed for more specific computer control issues, may people have gotten confused.

To clear up some of these confusions, read the four following tips for understanding how permission fits into a few different aspects of your daily computing life – think about the Facebook messenger debacle that’s happening, remember that permissions affect your ability to install software, you can repair permissions on your hard disks when things to hinky, and you should always take time to read permission agreements when they pop up.

Think About the Facebook Messenger Issue

There was a backlash against the Facebook Messenger program not long ago because people became alarmed when a message showed up saying the program needed permission to look at the camera, look at files, look at contact lists, etc. Ultimately, this was no different of an agreement than the original Facebook app put to users, but the message itself caused consternation. And because people because confused about the language used, there was a specific drop off in popularity for a while. There was literally no privacy issue at stake, it was just confusion about the idea behind the word ‘permission’.

Remember Permissions When Installing Software

On Macs, there are many people who fall into the trap of install applications that get stuck in the bouncing ball stage. In most cases, by installing and using a permissions program, that issue is automatically fixed. A short amount of troubleshooting will lead you to that same conclusion. These permissions apps are even typically free because they’re very simple.

Repair Disk Permissions To Smooth Your Desktop Experience

Computer slowness and app installation issues can also happen because permission on an entire hard disk can be off. By following disk permission repair procedures, you can fix almost all of the issues you’re having in one fell swoop. Once again, it’s the word ‘permission’ and its use in technology that is causing the problem, so it’s up to the end user to make sure he or she takes the time to understand all of the possible permutations in the technology world.

Take The Time To Read Software Agreements

Both on your mobile phone and on your desktop, if you take time to read the application agreements, there are almost almost sections on permissions. If you pay attention to what those segments mean, and try not to get lost in the words themselves, you’ll know how to handle many more troubleshooting matters in the future, and worry less about privacy.

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