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Using Technology To Market Your Business: Four Easy To Use Tools


Technology and business go hand in hand in our world today.  You usually don’t get to experience one without the other having some sort of part in the whole thing.  You can’t have internet access without paying.  You can’t build a global following quite as easily without technology.  If you’re in the business world, you know the value in the proper integration of business and technology.  If you’re interested in researching a few ways you could implement technology into your marketing plan, here are a few tools to help get you on your way.  

Appy Pie

If you want to consider yourself a savvy business owner, you should know about this product.  Appy Pie is actually a program that will help you to build your own company’s mobile app from scratch.  It’s aimed to assist those of us that are technologically impaired.  It’s easy.  It’s also very affordable and appropriate for small business usage. The plans usually range from twelve to forty dollars, so any type of need you have can be met by one of their flexible packages.  They also provide a plan that will help you create an app that will be available for purchase on GooglePlay or iTunes.  


If you’re any sort of serious business owner, you should jump on the blogging bandwagon.  It’s pertinent to your customer relationship.  Your followers need to be able to communicate their thoughts and feel that they are being heard.  Your company should be somewhat transparent.  An active blog will support that image, and boost your customer following.  WordPress is the best program out there to help you manage your blog.  Some of the other programs tend to try to control your content, and WordPress does not do that.  


LinkedIn is similar to the more popular social networks, but this is considered a business network.  Different businesses around the world can basically build their own little profile page to be viewed by the browsing public.  Big name companies like Park West Gallery and even Toys ‘R’ Us actively maintain their account pages on this network.  You can follow where the different art auctions are going to be and the biggest toy sales of the year all on one network.  


This is a cool, all inclusive, social media monitoring tool.  It basically searches across hundreds of social media sites for certain keywords of your choosing to help you get a better grasp on what your customers might be saying about your products.  It will track how many times you are mentioned, what people are saying, and even give you an idea of what you need to change or improve upon.  

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