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Technology And Your Church


It’s impossible to ignore the effects of technology on the world, but church is supposed to be a place for tradition and classic values. Sometimes it feels like these two things are so separate that they could never coexist.

Could technology actually make your church a better place? Many churches, especially new ones being constructed now, are making use of technology to reach a larger audience and bring in young people.

Expand Your Reach

Old churches were built with acoustics in mind, designed to let the sermon be heard from even the very back pew. Now, congregations are growing, and churches need to be designed for larger and larger audiences. How can you reach the back row with a congregation of thousands?

Build your church with the size of the audience in mind. Speakers built into the walls ensure that your voice can be heard from anywhere in the room. Many new churches, such as the award-winning Rhema Bible Church in Oklahoma, are including video screens and track lighting in their construction plans. Although this gives the church a different feeling from the classic stone architecture of the past, it helps to reach a wider audience and bring more people to your flock.

Foster Involvement

Technology can also help to get people involved in church life. If you are raising money to build a new church, posting about the progress on Facebook could help to raise interest and funds. You never know who will read your message!

Facebook can also help your congregation to connect with each other. A Facebook group for your church will help to keep people updated on current events, functions, and things that are happening with the church. If someone is in need of prayers or has had a loss in their family, a simple Facebook post could notify the community to rally around them and give them the support they need.

Let’s Get Digital

Some forward-thinking churches are already implementing devices in their sermons by making the text of the sermon available online. Parishioners can access the text during service and follow along on their iPads or phones.

Although some people might scoff at this approach or even see it as irreverent, the truth is that many churchgoers use these devices as part of their everyday life. This approach allows them to take notes about the sermon as it’s happening so they can reflect later.

Some churches are even incorporating Twitter into their services to allow parishioners to ask questions after the sermon is over!

The Church Of The Future

Who knows what the future holds for churches? The way your service looks may change, but the core values will always remain the same. These advancements will help to promote love, acceptance, and reverence for God in your community.


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