Five Technological Upgrades That Will Boost Your Home’s Resale Value


In only the past few years, smart homes and smart technology have far more accessible and affordable than they ever have been.  Smart upgrades to your home can increase the value instantly, and create a more convenient and efficient home environment overall. There are current studies available that suggest that the majority of millennials were interested in investing in a smart home in the future.  Some projects are as simple as installing new vinylized wallpaper.  You should prepare now for the new wave of buyers. Here are a few of the top new tech upgrades that will boost the value of your home.  

Smart Thermostats

Having a programmable thermostat installed into your home may seem like the best option available, but smart thermostats will eliminate the human error in programming. The smart thermostats do all the work for you.  They can tell if you are inside the home or not simply by the presence of your body heat.  The thermostat will then adjust the temperature in the room accordingly, and save energy while it’s working.  

Low Flow Toilets

Saving water is one of the greatest concerns for homeowners in some parts of the country.  Water conservation is vital now.  Low flow toilets and showerheads will save water AND save you money along the way!  The newer types of low-flow toilets can handle much more than the older models could, if you know what that means.  

Gray Water Systems

A gray water system is a new way for homeowners to recycle their used water.  This doesn’t mean you will be drinking your shower water, or far worse… your toilet water! This means that the water you use in your home (excluding your toilet water) is recycled, and used to water your lawn.  Just make sure you don’t drink gray water.  It’s really just meant to be used for irrigation purposes.  

Keyless Entry Upgrade

Millenials love the addition of a keyless entry feature in their homes.  This keeps your home secure without a conventional locking system.  You won’t have to worry about being able to find the right key in the dark while you’re carrying groceries and wrangling kids.  Some of these systems are setup to lock and unlock via your fingerprints.  Some of them have electrical fobs that you can keep on your keychain.  The type of entry kind of depends on the system’s producer.  

Smart Lighting

There have been studies done that provide estimates of almost fifteen percent of your energy consumption being attributed to your lighting in your home.  That may not sound like a whole lot, but a small reduction in your bills will go a lot further than you think.  A smart lighting system will dim or turn off your lights when no one is present in the room. No more yelling at the kids to turn off the lights in the middle of the day!