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The Newest Technologies In Mobile Bedding


Some of us are fairly stationary in our lives, but others enjoy a more nomadic lifestyle.  If you’re one of those people, you may have some particular interest in the newest developments to hit the portable bed industry.  

It may sound silly, but portable beds have come a long way since they were first developed.  There are plenty of people who have even forsaken their conventional mattresses, and switched to one of these pillow soft air beds. Here is a quick overview of a few of the newest and coolest portable bed designs available on the market today.  

SoundAsleep Dream Series

This bed is the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to inflatable portable beds.  It comes with a built in pump that will inflate the queen sized mattress in just under three minutes.  It also has no less than forty different comfort coils inside, designed to keep the bed flat and stable as you sleep.  No more rolling to the middle of the air mattress. Because of the way the SoundAsleep Dream sleeper is designed, it is at least thirty percent quieter than most other self-inflating mattresses.  

Serta NeverFLAT

This particular air mattress raises eighteen inches off the floor for a more comfortable rise from your nightly slumber.  The simple fact that this mattress carries with it the Serta name and reputation for excellence is enough to give it a chance.  This one actually has two built in pumps instead of just one.  One of them inflates and deflates the bed, while the other one works through the night to maintain a stable inflation level for maximum comfort.

Coleman QueenCot Airbed

You can now buy your air mattress with an accompanying frame.  This will allow you to sleep comfortably off of the ground.  Sometimes waking up and literally climbing out of bed isn’t ideal for comfort.  This will also help to keep any cold ground air from sneaking up through the bottom of your mattress.  You can even purchase rails to go with your frame if you plan on having a small child sleeping in it.  

AeroBed Classic Model

This is a more low profile design, but it still integrates the inner coil air technology of some of the more expensive alternatives.  It’s extremely light, and really easy to inflate. This one is small, so it doesn’t have an internal pump.  The hand-held external pump will do the job in under five minute, though.  The best news is that this air bed will only run you around forty dollars.  That’s only a fraction of some of the other ones.  It’s perfect for a night of camping, or a sleepover hosted by your children.  

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