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5 Top Laptop Security Measures

laptop security

It’s era of advanced technology and we have different devices and electronics out there in the tech market. We would only be talking about laptop today and the tutorial is also useful for desktop computer users. We all have laptops but do we care about their security, probably you may be thinking oh I use to clean up, dry up and make my laptop comfortable but did you also look into the working components and secure your PC from threats probably most PC users don’t look into this. While thinking about laptop security, the first important thing to think about is adding security software and ensuring that there are physical anti-theft features in place. These features can range from using asset tags to identify and track a laptop, as well as locks, and can be used alongside antivirus software and encryption protocols. Putting these kind of anti-theft measures in place will ultimately mean that you can have greater peace of mind over the risk of having your laptop stolen. As with any form of computer and Internet security, it is also important to be cautious in terms of who gets access to your laptop, and where it is kept

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows or Mac, according to Sophos’s recent threat report 2013, eventhough the PC still remains the biggest target for malicious code today, there’s increasing criminal activities of fake antivirus attacks that is targeted towards Mac users. Mobile devices are also not left out as we are beginning to see new kinds of virus attacks attacking mobile.

Anti-Virus Software for your Laptop Security

All laptops, with the exception of inbuilt Mac anti virus software and the recent antivirus (built into Windows 10), should have some form of protection. Most computers will use McAfee, although there are many other types of software that can be downloaded for free and run as part of your everyday computer usage. The better option is the one that can prevent the virus from entering into your laptop in the first place, any antivirus software that can alert you of a potential threat and prevents you from accessing such websites or opening any email attachment with virus will be preferred. I can just suggest you get the Avast Free Antivirus, Avira Antivirus or the AVG Antivirus. After you have installed any of them, make sure you keep updating their virus definition for up to date security or else you might end up been attacked.

Asset Tags & Asset Labels

These are labels made from metal, polyester or plastic, sometimes with unique barcodes which can be attached to your laptop with the aim of preventing employee theft. Asset tags are invaluable and can be used for clearly identifying ownership of a laptop or gadget. They tend to be almost impossible to remove once they have been fixed, and act as a strong anti-theft deterrent.


It is crucial to be careful about encrypting your laptop when you access local networks. Your own WEP or LAN network should have its own network key that prevents unauthorized access while it is important to have a separate log in encryption in place for the laptop itself. As a general rule, it is also best not to have the same password and login details for the two.


There are different kinds of software’s that can be used to remotely track a laptop if it ever gets stolen. these kinds of software works through GPS system and can identify when a computer is being used to access the Internet, or when it has been used to log into a particular network. Some types of software will allow you to remotely lock or freeze your laptop contents, while cloud-based data storage devices could let you can check whether whoever that stole the laptop has uploaded anything that might incriminate them.

Laptop Locks

Simple locks can be bought that will prevent a laptop from being easily opened and stolen. These locks can include theft detection plates that can be attached to the laptop when not in use, as well as chain and cable locks that can be wrapped around the laptop to prevent the screen from being opened.


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