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(Un)plug these electronic items around you

Which are some of the dreadful days in the lives of those living on rent in a PG accommodation or an apartment for rent in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore or elsewhere? The day your house owner keeps reminding you about the rent to be paid before even it’s time or the days he/she sends the electricity and maintenance bills at your doorstep? For most of the tenants living in flats on rent in Bangalore or other cities, the trauma of increasing amount in the electricity bill is a common factor. A quick look around the house will answer the reason behind the differing numbers in the bill., India’s first ever broker free portal used widely for housing rentals in the major metro cities in the country, gives you some of the easiest ways of reducing this bill amount within a month’s time.

Since most of us are engaged with work outside the house, we hardly find time to keep a tab on the small yet significant things that can change our lives for better and make it easier. If you scan your rooms in your flat, you will find almost all the electricity outlets plugged with electronic devices that may be using power when not in use but just by being plugged in.

The first area that you need to take a look at is your kitchen. While it is not possible to unplug refrigerators, other kitchen appliances such as food processors, microwave ovens, coffee machines can be unplugged and used again when you need them. Make sure to unplug after you use them every time and save more energy and power.

Move next to your living area where you have all your entertainment devices plugged in. That big LED television and the multi-stereo music system, the cable box and the DVD player, all might be plugged in at different outlets despite not being used. Unplug them immediately if you are not using them and make it a point to repeat the task if you are leaving for a longer span of time due to work or a holiday.

If you are gadget freak person, you will be, undoubtedly, having a personal computer, a laptop and a mobile device to use. While laptops and mobile devices need to be charged and the chargers are to be unplugged, the personal computer stays plugged without being touched for months and years. You may be just switching off the main switch but keeping it plugged is only using energy and adding on to your electricity bill. If you are not using it regularly, unplug it immediately! It may just save your computer from getting damaged due to the lightning or the storm also.

Apart from these, one gadget that is like a life-saver for your is the phone charger and you may not find a good reason to unplug it every time you use it. While the charger may only use a little bit of power, also referred to as phantom energy, it will keep using power till the time it is kept plugged. It may not be a convenient move but you can unplug it once your phone or other gadgets are fully charged. It will definitely make a difference in your electricity charges.

There are, however, few of the electronic appliances that get into an automatic “standby” mode when kept idle for too long or when turned off with a remote control device. The electronic items with the digital displays use electricity but in a considerably small amount. These devices can be kept plugged till you need them next time or kept plugged in the multi-device power strip and can be switched off alongside the other devices.


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