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How To Save Money Using Organizational Technology  


Lots of people focus on the fact that you can use technology to make more money, usually by increasing the efficiency or power of some process. However, you can also save money using technology, and specifically organizational technology.

How does this work, you say? Wander your mind through the following five tips, and you’ll soon be saving money like a technological champ – research and understand project and portfolio management systems, keep a budgeting app on your mobile device at the ready, find a cleaning system that you trust, compare and contrast equipment prices at all times, and be constantly aware that time is money.

Research and Understand Project and Portfolio Management

On a corporate level, one of the best ways to use organizational technology to save money is by understanding project and portfolio management. Portfolio management organization runs parallel to the idea of financial portfolio management. In other words, by organizing your resources across many projects effectively, you can save a whole lot of time and money simply by putting assets in the right places at the right times. It’s a simple concept, but sometimes difficult to set up when lots of people are involved.

Install a Budgeting App on Your Phone           

Sometimes money ends up dripping out of a financial system simply because there is an awareness issue. For instance, if you don’t keep up with the numbers on credit cards or loans, that interest can spike over time and end up costing you lots of money. By installing a personal budgeting app that keeps track of your financial movement, that simple organizational construct can save you lots of money in the long run just by making you aware of financial flow.

Find a Cleaning Method that You Trust            

Cleaning? Like, cleaning hard drives out? Nope. Like actual housecleaning. By having a clean home or office environment, you can save money by not losing equipment, not damaging equipment in dirty places, and being more efficient with your use of time rather than running around putting out fires. Online cleaning systems can work wonders for keeping you organized, thus saving you money.

Compare and Contrast Prices    

Another great organizational method to save you money is the ability to search and then compare and contrast prices on equipment. There are some stellar apps that know your geographical location, and can tell you the best deals in the area, as well as suggesting coupons for some places, and clearance prices for others.

Be Aware that Time Is Money

The more organized you are, the more time you save, and that translates directly to money. This is either because you have more time to work and get cash directly, or you are recharging your batteries to be more effective when working overall.


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