Most Needed Top Instagram Tips

Are you the type that like photos and selfies? Probably I know you would have installed Instagram on your Android phone,BB10 or iPhone device.

The photo sharing application, Instagtam has more than 300 million people who use it on a monthly basis. However, just like many other apps, there are lots of hidden features that only those who are more than the common user of the app will know. Well, there is nothing to worry about if you are one of these common users as I have rounded up the top Instagram tips you need to know. Using these tips, you will be sure of making your photos become a standout among others as well as reap you some outstanding compliments.

Give your photos the Lux aspect
Underexposed Photos will for sure, look very dull and poor. What do you do? Make them Lux. After capturing your snaps, locate the sun symbol and tap on it. Using the slider that shows up, adjusts the saturation of the snap and you will see a totally different photo.

Toy around with photos
Instagram for Android and iOS is equipped with quite a number of tools. If you have ever wondered how photos of the whole earth come to look like a very tiny object, there is room for you to try it on this photo sharing app. You can use the tilt shift feature to make some amazing changes to a photo.
Just find an image and choose a filter. Follow it by tapping on the wrench icon located at the lower end of the photo and then slide right to reveal the “Tilt Shift” feature. From here, you can choose linear or radial, depending on your taste and finally, select the checkmark in order to save changes.

One image, different perspectives
If you thought Instagram was all about one image and one shape, then you are in for a shock. There are third party apps that can be used to make some amazing changes to the shape of photos and make them look almost different, or still, place several photos in a single gram. These apps can also let you add frames as well as put music to videos. Android and iOS users can make use of apps such as PhotoShake!, PicFrame and Diptic. Photowonder and Photo Grid for Android is also another option.

Creating and Uploading Video clips
Instagram made an attempt to topple the services of Vine by coming up with a video feature for its users. Using it is very easy. You can easily create 15-second video clips by sliding the tab from the camera to video recording icon and then hold down the red button to begin recording a video clip. When done, tap on “Next” and then choose whether to apply a filter or not. Proceed by selecting “Next” where you will be able to pick a frame for the cover shot. Your video clip is now ready for sharing.

Accessing Instagram on the Web
Instagram is not just a mobile application meant for use on iOS and Android devices. If you feel like using your PC, there is still room for visiting and once you sign in, you will be able to access your feed, comment and like photos, as well as carry out various searches. However, this Web version will not let you add or edit photos on your account.