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Apple Iphone 6 Plus vs OnePlus 2 – Is OnePlus 2 Better than Apple’s Phablet

one plus 2 vs iPhone 6 plus

While chatting and flexing with my pals someone just said that OnePlus 2 is better than iPhone 6, this caused argument and today am here to discuss with you people the comparison between the two phablets and am sure you would be able to know which is a better option. Although we all know Apple smartphones are widely known than the Oneplus owns, but iPhone 6 Plus has pretty much been the King of its segment since its launch almost 12 months ago. Can we just say because it’s the king then it is better than the OnePlus 2?
As iphone 6 approaches the end of its life-cycle as the top dog in the Apple iPhone lineup, it appears to go straight into contention with the OnePlus 2. Just like the first generation device, the OnePlus 2 will be sold only through invitation. This means that the phone will be able to do away with a significant price cut. It has been one of the hallmarks of the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2 continues this tradition.

Despite being priced at almost half the iPhone 6 Plus, the OnePlus 2 comes with every great feature. It starts with the 5.5 inch screen, which is similar in size to the iPhone 6 Plus’ display. Both these phones also have the same full HD resolution. It marks its debut on the iPhone 6 Plus but it is a little disappointing to see the OnePlus 2 offer the same. This is partly because the OnePlus 2 is a brand new product in the segment. Given that most of the competitors already have the QHD resolution in the smartphone displays, it would have been fair to expect the same from the OnePlus 2.

There are few phones on the market that can claim to have a better camera than the iPhone 6 Plus. This is due to a variety of reasons like better algorithm and better features. This Apple device gets the optical image stabilization aspect for the first time and it helps produce stable videos. Even though the phone may not offer the 4K video recording option, it can do just fine with 1080p. More importantly, it can shoot excellent slow motion videos. The 13 MP videos in the OnePlus 2 comes filled with a range of options including the 4K video recording. Aspects like laser autofocus and dual LED flash help the camera to stand out from the crowd.

Losing out on this aspect, though, is likely to help the battery life of the device. Due to the overall efficiency, it is easy to spot that the iPhone 6 Plus is the better of two. Even though it comes with a smaller 2915 mAh battery, the aspects like the display and the operating system are far more efficient. The OnePlus 2 is not too bad in this regard since it comes with a very large 3300 mAh battery. Even though the Android 5.0 brings a lot of improvements with regard to battery usage, it continues to remain as one of the chief reasons for the iPhone 6 Plus being superior in this regard.

We all know Apple products are always costly and the prices of the iPhone 6 Plus continue to remain astronomical, even though the phone is almost a year old. This is likely to be twice more than the upcoming OnePlus 2. The OnePlus 2 is set to be priced around $300 while the cheapest iPhone 6 Plus retails at $800.

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