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Download Firefox 40 – Windows 10 Supported and More Features

Download Firefox latest version for free

Following the release of windows 10,now Mozilla Firefox version 40 has been officially rolled out to the users on Windows PCs and Android handheld devices.
Recently I posted about the availability of the new window 10 and how to upgrade, I also did the upgrade and noticed my forefox is not working as expected. Now firefox have released a new version with window 10 support and more additional features. The updated version of the most popular browser promises a bunch load of security fixes, stability issues as well as better support for Microsoft’s newly launched Windows 10 operating system as have said earlier. There’s also inclusion of complete security for Android users, people who use the browser on their Android smartphones are completely secured and may not have to worry about malware or a phishing attack taking over their device anymore.

What are the Windows 10 Features added to Firefox 40?
With the new version, Firefox supports Windows 10 in more ways than ever. First of all, the operating system is an extremely touch friendly platform that has also been designed to appease people who use high resolution displays. 4K monitors and televisions are becoming more common in the past few years, which have pushed the developers to come up with a solution that matters to people with varying requirements. The browser tries to cope up with this improved version by removing some of the features on the user interface. The web page will be visible and easy to read than before.
The fonts, colors and the icons used in the browser have also been modified. It allows Mozilla Firefox to look the same as how the Windows 10 icons look. It makes it easier for the program to sync with their vision and ensure that the users don’t find a major difference when using it on a daily basis. Microsoft’s new Edge browser now poses a tough competition which has prompted companies like Opera and Mozilla to revamp their respective software to stay ahead of the curve.

Security Alert Feature
Security alerts are more prominent and active on both Android as well as the desktop version of Mozilla Firefox. The version 40 of the browser is equipped by Google’s safe browsing service which will warn the users if they try to visit a malicious website. It will warn them that their device could be compromised if they visit it ignoring the threat. A similar page will be displayed on the desktop version as well, to ensure that people don’t fall into the trap set by hackers and malicious code developers.
Android users can now cast a content displayed on Firefox to another screen powered by Google or by the Chromecast dongle. They can also readily access their web history with the help of the navigation buttons to find sites they have visited in the past.
How to Get the Firefox 40?
The firefox 40 updates is mainly for Windows PC users and Android smartphones users as well, so if you own any of the device and wanted to upgrade it is just a simple task. If you own a window PC just go to Firefox Official Download Page and download the new update but if you owns an Android smartphone go to Google play store and download Firefox Browser.

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