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A Few Ways That Technology Can Help With Productivity


No matter what it is you are slacking on, technology can help get you motivated. You’d be amazed at all of the things that technology can do in your life, from work to workout. In fact, it’s pretty likely you take your technology for granted.

OK, so you need some motivation. It will really depend on what you want to get done on what motivation will work for you, but here are a few things that technology can help with, and how they help.

Get Motivated To Get Fit

Technology has done a ton of work to help you get motivated. You no longer need videos and your television to watch your favorite exercise videos. Now you can watch routines online on personal websites and even YouTube.

Your laptop or even your smartphone can become your workout motivation where you not only can watch and workout with videos, but you can also set reminders so that you don’t forget to workout or take your walk.

Speaking of walking, technology has made it more convenient to take your motivational music along with you. Instead of a bulky Walkman you can easily carry (or clip-on) an iPod full of choice tunes, or use your smartphone.

Get Productive With Work

Sometimes work motivation is the hardest, but technology can help with that as well. Use your Google calendar to schedule your work day, including when to answer emails and make phone calls. Making calls and dealing with emails at specific times can help you stay productive, rather than distracted.

Sticking with a specific schedule may sometimes get boring though, so it’s OK to change this up once in a while, but not if it’s going to mess up your productivity. And don’t just stay busy when the boss is looking over your shoulder either.

Finding Motivation At Home

After a long day at work it’s hard to come up with the motivation to exercise, but then you also have a household to take care of. Technology is a little more basic when it comes to being more productive at home.

For dinner, save time by using a crockpot to cook meals. Invest in a dishwasher to help take that time consuming task off your to-do list. You can also use your computer to create cleaning schedules, for you and your family.

Having specific chores scheduled for specific days can take some of the stress out of keeping your home clean. By breaking tasks up between people and days you can save a lot of time, which can be left for fitness or fun with your family.

It’s really not that difficult to stay productive and motivated, no matter what it is that you are doing. Just use your technology devices so that they help you get your work done in the most efficient manner.


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