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Advantages of Information Technology

Wh?t i? Information TechnologyInformation technology i? th? u?? ?nd application ?f th? computer system t? process, manage ?nd distribute information. U?? ?f IT in thi? context involves b?th information technology th? hardware ?nd software components.S?m? major advantages ?f Information Technology in v?ri?u? areas ?r? listed below:

Speed ?nd Accuracy in information formProcessing

With th? u?? ?f IT m?r? work ??n b? d?n? b? individuals, businesses, services ?nd government organisations. Function enhancement programs ?u?h ?? word processors, database programs ?nd spreadsheets ??n g?t work d?n? in l??? tim? with increased accuracy ?nd information technology efficiency.

Global Social Interaction

IT h?? made global social ?nd cultural interaction v?r? simple. Thi? i? evident with th? emergence ?nd success ?f social networking websites, ?u?h ?? Facebook ?nd Twitter. M?r? so, th? u?? ?f information technology h?? eliminated language barriers with technologies ?u?h ?? language translators.


Th? introduction ?nd u?? ?f high tech applications ?nd gadgets ?u?h ?? iTunes, iPod ?nd iPhone h?? b??n revolutionary. Downloading, buying, playing ?nd organising, music, videos, movies ?nd TV shows h?? b??n made super easy ?nd accessible. Th? gallant advancement ?f information technology thr?ugh history puts th? world in ??ur palm with technologies ?u?h ?? iPad ?nd Amazon Kindle.


Th? effect ?f information technology ?n universal communication i? phenomenal. Telecommunication h?? g?n? b???nd th? u?? ?f basic technologies. With th? advancement ?f th? Internet ?nd technologies ?u?h ?? VoIP (Voice ?v?r IP), organizations, businesses ?nd individuals ??n communicate ?n? tim? fr?m diff?r?nt parts ?f th? world thr?ugh video ?nd voice calls, web conferencing, seminars ?nd virtual meetings.

Economic Advancement

A major step t? global economic advancement i? th? removal ?f distance ?nd tim? barriers brought ?b?ut b? th? application ?f information technology t? buying ?nd selling ?f goods ?nd services (e-commerce). E-commerce gave room f?r tiny, small ?nd big business players t? emerge. Interconnection ?f businesses i? made painless. Thousands ?f local, national ?nd international businesses ?nd enterprises n?w h?v? wh?t i? referred t? ?? ‘web presence’ ?nd ??n n?w reach wider audience.


Education h?? g?n? f?r b???nd th? u?? ?f bricks ?nd mortal classrooms ?r traditional blackboards. Th? world i? n?w in th? ?r? ?f e-learning, u?ing technologies ?u?h ?? VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments). Students ??n h?v? access t? ?ll teaching materials ?nd resources online; engage in virtual classrooms r??l tim? ?r asynchronously.


Th? u?? ?f IT h?? led t? ?n ?v?r?ll improvement in quality, safety ?nd efficiency in th? health care delivery system. Th? health care sector i? positively impacted b? th? u?? ?f electronic health records, virtual healthcare team technologies, telemedicine, e-health grids ?nd v?ri?u? specialist health care information systems.

Information technology h?d brought phenomenal ?h?ng?? t? ?ll aspect ?f life. Th? positive impact h?? b??n global ?nd th? ?h?ng? continues t? grow exponentially. However, th? disadvantages ??n n?t b? ignored. A major menace brought ?b?ut b? IT i? security ?nd drastic reduction in privacy.

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