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Day: August 12, 2015

Advantages of Information Technology

Wh?t i? Information TechnologyInformation technology i? th? u?? ?nd application ?f th? computer system t? process, manage ?nd distribute information. U?? ?f IT in thi? context involves b?th information technology th? hardware ?nd software components.S?m? major advantages ?f Information Technology in v?ri?u? areas ?r? listed below:

Speed ?nd Accuracy in information formProcessing

With th? u?? ?f IT m?r? work ??n b? d?n? b? individuals, businesses, services ?nd government organisations. Function enhancement programs ?u?h ?? word processors, database programs ?nd spreadsheets ??n g?t work d?n? in l??? tim? with increased accuracy ?nd information technology efficiency.

Global Social Interaction

IT h?? made global social ?nd cultural interaction v?r? simple. Thi? i? evident with th? emergence ?nd success ?f social networking websites, ?u?h ?? Facebook ?nd Twitter. M?r? so, th? u?? ?f information technology h?? eliminated language barriers with technologies ?u?h ?? language translators.


Th? introduction ?nd u?? ?f high tech applications ?nd gadgets ?u?h ?? iTunes, iPod ?nd iPhone h?? b??n revolutionary. Downloading, buying, playing ?nd organising, music, videos, movies ?nd TV shows h?? b??n made super easy ?nd accessible. Th? gallant advancement ?f information technology thr?ugh history puts th? world in ??ur palm with technologies ?u?h ?? iPad ?nd Amazon Kindle.


Th? effect ?f information technology ?n universal communication i? phenomenal. Telecommunication h?? g?n? b???nd th? u?? ?f basic technologies. With th? advancement ?f th? Internet ?nd technologies ?u?h ?? VoIP (Voice ?v?r IP), organizations, businesses ?nd individuals ??n communicate ?n? tim? fr?m diff?r?nt parts ?f th? world thr?ugh video ?nd voice calls, web conferencing, seminars ?nd virtual meetings.

Economic Advancement

A major step t? global economic advancement i? th? removal ?f distance ?nd tim? barriers brought ?b?ut b? th? application ?f information technology t? buying ?nd selling ?f goods ?nd services (e-commerce). E-commerce gave room f?r tiny, small ?nd big business players t? emerge. Interconnection ?f businesses i? made painless. Thousands ?f local, national ?nd international businesses ?nd enterprises n?w h?v? wh?t i? referred t? ?? ‘web presence’ ?nd ??n n?w reach wider audience.


Education h?? g?n? f?r b???nd th? u?? ?f bricks ?nd mortal classrooms ?r traditional blackboards. Th? world i? n?w in th? ?r? ?f e-learning, u?ing technologies ?u?h ?? VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments). Students ??n h?v? access t? ?ll teaching materials ?nd resources online; engage in virtual classrooms r??l tim? ?r asynchronously.


Th? u?? ?f IT h?? led t? ?n ?v?r?ll improvement in quality, safety ?nd efficiency in th? health care delivery system. Th? health care sector i? positively impacted b? th? u?? ?f electronic health records, virtual healthcare team technologies, telemedicine, e-health grids ?nd v?ri?u? specialist health care information systems.

Information technology h?d brought phenomenal ?h?ng?? t? ?ll aspect ?f life. Th? positive impact h?? b??n global ?nd th? ?h?ng? continues t? grow exponentially. However, th? disadvantages ??n n?t b? ignored. A major menace brought ?b?ut b? IT i? security ?nd drastic reduction in privacy.

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How Technology Has Changed The Way You Use Coupons


Once upon a time the only way you got coupons was in the mail, in your newspaper, or from the store’s ad or their shelves. There was no and there weren’t smartphones that do everything for you.

Since technology has continued to grow, so has the life of the coupon. What once was only found in print you can now find in many different forms. In fact, businesses invest a lot into their coupon campaigns that cover print coupons and more.

Technology has probably worked well to convince some places that might never have offered coupons to change their minds since it’s so easy to have coupons that are never even seen in print. It saves companies waste and shoppers!

Coupons Online

You can easily find coupons online in many places, not just through Grocery store websites have coupons often, as well as manufacturer websites. Following your favorite brands on social media, like Facebook, and you can likely find coupons from them right there, or at least get notifications when new coupons are available.

When it comes to online coupons there are a few ways you can deal with them. You can easily print them out if you have a printer. However, if you want to save some trees, you can use your smartphone or even load coupons on your store discount cards.

Coupons On Your Phone

Whether you are simply a person looking for a deal, or you are a business looking for a way to help your customers, you can benefit from having coupons available online and through apps. Coupons, as a business, draw customers into your store. With many people trying to be more eco-friendly, coupons that don’t require wasteful use of paper are more appealing.

That’s also a good reasoning for shoppers to embrace phone coupons as well. Plus, with apps like retailmenot you can get discounted coupon codes for more than just groceries. Save at your favorite clothing store, crafting stores, and even your favorite restaurants.

Coupons On One Card

Even those of you that still don’t have smartphones can benefit from online coupons, without using a bunch of ink and paper. You can add coupons right to your store loyalty cards, for free and easy access.

By doing this it’s easy enough to simply have your cashier swipe your card and your coupons will automatically come off of your bill. This has to be one of the easiest ways to shop for discounts!

Not everyone goes gaga over coupons, but they are beneficial to both shoppers and store owner or product owners. As a business, having coupons and discount codes can help you increase your sales and even attract new customers. Even people that don’t normally use coupons may try it out for the right deal.

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