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Moneyball for Professionals: From Feedback to Job Searching

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA (August 6, 2015) — Hinted, a talent analytics app will launch on August24, 2015 in the Apple App Store. This new social network mobile application enables small teams or individuals to provide peers with semi-anonymous feedback. The tool is gamified and sessions last under a minute. The app is used for hiring, team composition and learning and development decisions.

Hinted is the first app to use verified, unbiased feedback to inform people decisions withinorganizations. Army Green Beret Veteran and Stanford Business School Alum, Erik Wittreich, sought to change how professionals are recruited after he struggled to find a job in high tech after graduate school. “My military experience didn’t easily translate into the tech world so I wanted to be recruited based off cultural fit. By accurately cataloging our user’s professional attributes, or “soft-skills”, Hinted is able to recommend people decisions for HR and management,” says co-founder Erik Wittreich.

Hinted collects feedback for individuals and teams on leadership, management, communications, andinter-personal skills. We help individuals increase awareness on competencies where they excel as well as where they could make improvement. “Our company is forever linked to unbiased feedback.

We’ve figured out a way to make the exchange of feedback quick, painless, and actionable.” – Randy Sternke, co-founder. Additionally, our data allows management to make team based decisions by diversifying composition based on competency and by correlating our data against existing measuresof success.

Hinted has figured out a clever way to reduce the burden of collecting feedback. In just 3 minutes ofinteracting with the app Hinted is able to build compelling profiles for its users. This is a fairly low-
weight ask when compared to the cumbersome Performance Evaluation tools in use at most companies.

According to Douglas Stone, author of Thanks for the Feedback, 825 million work hours are spenteach year preparing for and engaging in annual reviews.

The Hinted App is available for download on iPhone and iPad for free.

Company website: http://hinted.com

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hinted/id827620995?mt=8

Hinted Labs was cofounded by three Stanford Business School students in 2014 to solve thedifficulty of making feedback actionable.


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