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Battery Saving Tips for Android Smartphones

Have already discuss here about some apps for saving Android battery life but today I would be explaining tips and tricks to save more battery. Android smartphone is the popular and most use mobile device all over the world but not all this device have better battery life. Even if you are using an Android device with long lasting battery you can still make your battery last longer than you have been using it before. Today, our discussion would base on what you can do to save more battery on your Android device which simply implies how to improve the battery life of your Android device.

Battery Saving Mode
Mostly Android devices have the battery saving mode either in form of an application or just in device settings. Have experienced and seen it on different devices, on Samsung Galaxy I do see it in device settings and also on my Infinix I have it as an app. By enabling the battery saving mode, your Android device will stop some features and applications in order to save as much battery as possible. Usually, this feature will kick in when you have 15% battery left (by default) if your device have it pre-installed, but you can also set it to be enabled when your Android device has 5% or 10% battery left.
If it happens your device doesn’t have the feature just visit Google PlayStore and install the Du Battery Saver.

Stop using the auto brightness feature
We all know Android devices for sharp and brighter display but do you know that the brighter the screen the more your battery is been consumed. You might not know that the default auto-brightness is usually way brighter than you need which would make the battery to drain faster than expected. This is why I suggest you to manually adjust the level of brightness. We know that this can be quite annoying, but in case you want to save the battery, you will need to make some sacrifices. For me I mostly use the 20% brightness at daylight and the lowest at night.

Using a short screen timeout
In case you plan on opening your smartphone screen often, then I suggest you to use a short screen timeout. I suggest you to set the screen timeout to 15 seconds and you will see that the battery will not get wasted too fast anymore.

Using a black wallpaper to save battery
In case your device has an AMOLED screen, you should use a dark colored background in order to save as much battery as you can. The reason why you’d want to do this is because the AMOLED screens will only illuminate colored pixels. So, the more black pixels you have, the less battery will be used.

Turn off features that you don’t currently use/need
In case you don’t use some features that your device has, such as air gestures, you can always temporarily disable them until you will use them. It is useless to let the GPS turned on in case you don’t use it at that moment. A lot of battery is being wasted because of some features that we don’t even use and this is why we should turn them off.

Uninstall Apps you don’t use
When you have lots of apps they do auto start and would consume more battery. So it’s advisable you kick out any app you don’t need to save more battery.


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