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How To Eat Healthier And Save Money On The Go


You wake up, get ready for work, have a cup of coffee, and hit the road. Maybe you wake up early and take time to relax and wake up. Maybe you even wake up early enough to make yourself a healthy breakfast with fruits, nuts, and lean protein.

It doesn’t matter which one of these people you are, you can use these tips for eating healthier and saving money on food even when you live a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Those of you that are skipping breakfast may have forgotten that it’s the most important meal of the day, and you may even be stopping for fast food (gasp!) on the way to work. Just stop it.

Plus, breakfast isn’t the only meal you should eat each day. So, here are some tips for quick, healthy meals all day long, even if you feel like you are on the run and don’t have time to cook or plan an actual meal.

Cheap And Easy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be a difficult thing. It also doesn’t have to take a lot of time to throw together. If you keep things on hand like fresh fruits, whole grain breads, fixings for healthy smoothies, and oatmeal on hand make it simple to have a good breakfast.

You want to make sure you don’t weigh yourself down with carbs, but you also want to make sure you get some protein for energy (without all the fat of bacon and sausage). Add nuts to your whole grain cereal for a boost of energy. Fruit is also wonderful added to cereal. You could also opt for some quick oats with flax seed oil and fresh fruit.

The Healthiest Lunch Plan

Eating out for lunch every day is a huge waste of money. You also never know how healthier your food choices really are because you don’t know what is going into that meal. There are quick ways to create healthy lunches that are cheaper too.

Stock up on pre-packaged salad kits, or create your own. Salad is an awesome lunchtime option and you can combine fruits, vegetables, meats and more into your meal this way. Just go light on the dressing for a healthier option. Keeping plenty of vegetables on hand will help you remember to eat healthy, plus they have lots of vitamins and nutrients for brain and body health.

Fast And Healthy Dinner
Prepping food ahead of time can make dinner a much easier meal to create. It can be as easy as cooking up all of your meat on your day off, chopping veggies and freezing them that way, or even freezing smoothies to reblend when you just don’t have time for a real meal, but don’t want to end up at a fast food joint.

You can also toss together all of the ingredients needed for soaps and freeze them, then just dump in the crockpot in the morning and you’ll come home to an already freshly cooked meal at night!


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