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Pitch Public Relations: The Ideal PR Firm for Any Business That Wants to Reach the Top of the Ladder

logo160It’s safe to state that without the aid of a public relations firm, it’s almost impossible for any business to cause a meaningful splash on the market. Although often considered a modern function for companies, public relations has been in practice for many centuries.

The Beginning of Public Relations

The foundation of publication relations has often been credited to Benjamin Franklin, who taught about the importance of public relations. It has also been credited to William Seward, Lincoln’s secretary of state, as he was one of the first government officials who boosted the power of the press. Public relations is a subject that is taught in many schools in the United States, although its curriculum is joined by other subjects such as journalism, behavioral science, political science, and business.

Pitch Public Relations: Aids Businesses to Reach the Top of the Ladder There are indeed numerous of public relations firms that can boost the popularity of a business, but there is one publication relations firm, in particular, that keeps being the talk of the town, as they know the 411 on how to make any business rise to the top of the ladder:

Pitch Public Relations

The main goal of Pitch Public Relations is to promote a company as well as to protect its reputation in order for it to step onto the market on the right foot. This firm represents companies to the media in a variety of different ways. Pitch Public Relations receives media inquiries, announces new products, or personally meet with journalists to establish and maintain a close relationship with them.

The Team of Pitch Public Relations

The CEO of Pitch Public Relations is Ann Noder, a woman who has nearly 17 years of PR experience. Ms. Noder has worked with high profile clients, like Count Me In, Mom Investors, Cord Blood Registry, FlightCar, Kabbage,, Experience Financial Services, and many others as well. This knowledgeable publicist has become well-known for always going the extra mile in order to deliver top-notch results for all of her clients.

Ms. Noder has the sufficient experience to make any business present in the media spotlight. She has generated consistent coverage with almost every major media outlet in the United States, including the New York Times, Log Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, People Magazine, CBS Early Show, Oprah Winfrey Show, Today Show, Chicago Tribune, and many more outlets that attain the attention of millions of Americans on a daily basis.

WelcomeNoder Ann Noder has other savvy business women on the team, which have helped make this firm what it is today: one of the most sought after PR firms in the country. There’s Andrea Toch (Vice President of Public Relations), Jackie Copp (Senior Account Manager), Kirstin Robison (PR Manager/Publicist), Melanie Anderson (Publicist), Michelle Everson (Publicist), Deb Caron (Publicist), Nadine Bubeck (Publicist), Catherine Arthur (Publicist), Marybeth Grass (Executive Media Coordinator), and Tayler Ladman (Public Relations Coordinator).

All of these women are considered to be the best in the business because they work very hard every day to get your service, product, and/or story in the news in a very big way. They are not talking commercials or advertisements here; they get companies to be featured editorially. They contact everything from television news reporters to magazine editors and everything in between. To this firm, when it comes to public relations, ‘it’s all about the pitch.’ For PR success, they combine aggressive work, savvy story placement, and ethic.

Pitch Public Relations Makes it Happen One Way or Another

This smart firm understands the importance of planning a promotional campaign in times of crisis. They know how to get the buzz that your business needs in order to succeed in great measure on the market. They make it happen one way or another. They have the connections required in order for any business to step up to the plate in a big way. If the word about your business doesn’t make it across a great number of people, success will be far away from reach, which is a big no-no if you are in it to win it with the products and/or services that you are currently offering to the public. Writing is the heart of public relations, but other obligations of this department is communication.

Communication can take various forms including written speeches, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, videos, PowerPoint presentations, Internet texts, and etc. They contain technical information for consumers, employees, board members, and journalists. Often the public relations department works with other representatives of the company to complete projects or to review the documentation in order to ensure that everything is in order. Pitch Public Relations, in particular, conducts media training, press room/press kit room consultation, media follow-up, story coordination set up, wire distribution, pitch distribution, press release, pitch writing, media outreach, story development, PR strategy, and etc.

Companies That Have Achieved Success

Ever since it was introduced to the public, Pitch Public Relations has been highly utilized by a lot of companies, which have been able to become well-known thanks to the work that this firm has performed for them. Their official website contains a lot of testimonies from many of these companies.

Opt for Pitch Public Relations

Of course, there are many other PR firms available that one can opt for, but if you don’t want to waste any time trying to find out which one is worth the time of the day, take the secure route which is to opt for Pitch Public Relations.

Let Pitch Public Relations Be by Your Side in Every Step

Pitch Public Relations has become known for a handful of different things, including for always treating every customer with the outmost care and respect. Their number one goal is to see your business succeed and to maintain itself in popularity on the market. It’s definitely not a piece of cake to achieve this, but it can surely be done, especially if you have a PR firm like Pitch Public Relations by your side to help you in every step of the way .

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