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iOS 8.4 Update Released with New Features and Fixed Bugs

Apple recently made it public that the iOS 9 will be launched before the end of this year, but the company is still rolling out a new iOS 8.4 update for users of iPhones and iPads. The latest update comes in with a bunch of new features as well as numerous bug fixes. One such new addition is the Apple Music, which was hyped very much during its recent announcement. If you own an Apple device that is running on the latest iOS 8, you are eligible to update to the latest iOS 8.4 now. There are users who have recently reported having had issues with iOS 8.3. If you are one of them then Apple have giving you chance to make things right by updating to the latest version and not resetting your device anymore like before.

What’s New in the Apple iOS 8.4 update?
Apple Music
As mentioned earlier, the latest iOS 8.4 comes in with a bunch of new features and the highlight of all is the Apple Music. This music streaming service was launched by Apple after acquiring Beats and in this new app, there is a major overhaul that you should look forward to once you update to the latest OS. To get the app up and to run, there are two available plans – pay $9.99 per month for the individual package or pay $14.99 per month for the family package. The latter option will allow you to link up to 6 devices to this service.

Bug Fixed on IMessage
Some months back I visited an ios forum and I could see some iOS 8.3 users complaining about bugs that affected the effective functioning of iMessage app. What happened was that any person who would send a special string of Unicode characters in the form of a message to any person using iOS 8.3 or below had the chances of breaking the recipient’s device. This then rendered the device unusable to the recipient; however, the new update has taken care of this problem.

IBook Update
The new iOS 8.4 also comes in with an update to the iBooks app such that it is now possible to view as well as open audio books. However, note that these audio books must be bought from the iTunes Store. For the other audible and audio book apps, they will work as they did before.

Location data fix
The new iOS 8.4 will no longer have issues with GPS accessories sending location data to your iPad or iPhone. Even though this bug was not that prevalent among iOS 8.3 users, it has effectively been fixed in the latest release.

Bug fixes to the Apple Watch apps
Applewatch are meant to work effectively but there are some complaint from ios users who had reported that some Apple Watch apps would uninstall themselves after installing them. Even though this had no major issue on data security, it was something quite annoying as the users had to keep on reinstalling the apps. This issue has been fixed in the latest iOS 8.4. So get the new update and keep enjoying the new updates.

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