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3 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Wedding Budget



With wedding season already in full swing, many brides have their minds on planning their big day. However, many parents or family members assisting in footing the bill may have their minds more focused on how they’re going to afford to make their bride’s dreams come true.

While planning a wedding can be more difficult when you’re working within a set and strict budget, you don’t have to sacrifice too much for your perfect day when you have a good plan for your money. To help get you to this point, here are three tips for getting the most out of your wedding budget regardless of how much you have to play with.

  • Look For A Venue With More To Offer

When searching for the perfect wedding venue, Sydney Latimer, contributor to the Huffington Post, suggests finding a venue that can give you more than just an empty room. Choosing to have your ceremony or reception at a venue that provides you more than just a roof and walls can really help you stretch your dollars.

Latimer shares that the ideal venue should offer you additional amenities like a sound system, lighting options, catering, decor and more. While you may be able to find these things cheaper when getting them individually from other vendors, many venues will give you a discount with the more of their options you choose to use, so decide wisely.

  • Prioritize Your Wants Based On Your Budget

All brides want their perfect day to be just that—perfect. But it’s just a fact of life that you generally can’t have everything for your “Pinterest wedding” in your actual wedding if you have a tight budget. For this reason, prioritizing what you want to spend your money on is key.

Jenny Keefe, a lead writer for, reminds brides and their families that your personal priorities don’t have to be traditional wedding priorities. If you want to spend 25 percent of your budget on a photographer and videographer while only spending 8 percent on a dress and suit, that’s totally fine and completely up to you. Don’t let other’s ideas of what you should be spending on certain aspects of your wedding dictate what you feel comfortable spending your money on.

  • Finagle With Your Food

One part of a wedding and reception that can add up fast is food costs. While many brides and grooms want to offer their guests a complete three-course meal with an open bar and champagne toast, that amount of food is going to cost way too much for a large number of couples.

If you’re hoping to save some money on food costs for your wedding, Meredith Bodgas of The Knot recommends for couples to think outside the box when it comes to feeding your guests. Rather than a full meal, choose to do appetizers and drinks instead. And as opposed to paying for an entire cake to cut, get a smaller cake for your ceremonial cake cutting and then use sheet cakes to feed to your guests. Don’t be afraid to go away from tradition in order to keep your costs low.

Prepping for a wedding takes a lot of time and money. And while you want your wedding day to be all you’ve dreamed of, keep in mind that you can probably get there for less by implementing some of the money stretching tips above. Good luck!

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