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Day: July 12, 2015

Tips To Maximize Your On The Job Training Methods & Save Money


All too often, businesses spend more money than is needed and compromise valuable employees to train up and coming professionals in the field.  Why not maximize the time spent on the job, and train with every new business experience?  You have to be sure that your methods are well maintained and well managed, though, or your employees could be undertrained and toxic to your company’s well being.  Here are a few tips to make sure that that doesn’t happen in your training programs.

Utilize variety and repetition

Due to the recent advances in technology, there are an endless supply of training and media methods available for little to no cost.  Feel free to mix it up, and use as many different educational platforms as you are comfortable with.  For example, if you’re teaching mechanics how to assemble an engine, you might let them watch a video on how to do it.  Then you could follow that up with reading the manual.  You might wrap up the session by allowing the new mechanics to work on assembling an engine under your supervision.  This way you are teaching on several different plains: auditory, visual, and tactile.

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.  Matter of fact, please DO repeat yourself as much as possible.  Studies have shown that the average pupil will need to hear a piece of information up to seven times for it to stick in their mind.  Repeat the information on all different platforms, and whenever you have a free chance to plug some knowledge into the minds of your trainees.

Define learning objectives

Clearly defining some learning objectives for your training will help define expectations. Set up quizzes and tests along the way to make sure that sufficient progress is being made in the mind of your trainees.  You will want to make a clear effort to address a set of necessary skills to perform the tasks at hand, the knowledge it will take to efficiently perform those skills, and how to maintain a positive attitude throughout the process. Also, remember to put the employees in the position to control their own learning process as often as you possibly can.  It helps them to retain the knowledge when they experience it hands on.

Evaluate your training effectiveness

It would be far too easy if the training stopped when the curriculum was complete, but you can’t stop there.  You can’t just train people and throw them into the field with no supervision and no way to evaluate their effectiveness in their position.  You need to set up checkpoints.  When training is completed, set various times for the employee’s knowledge to be tested.  Follow up with them until you are certain that they can handle anything their particular position throws their way.  This will help you to maintain a well rounded, well trained staff.

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Third-Party Accounts is Now Safer to Use with Gmail


Google already uses a lot of memory to store emails and now they wanted to allow more mails. With the latest features and updates, Gmail is no more using your entire phone memory. It has updated its services and tried using the minimum space out of your phone and giving maximum benefit. Hence, now you can avail storing, photo taking, sharing benefits with less storage consumption. Have a look at the features and latest services Google is trying to provide to its users.

Updates of Gmail

Google has already updated us with the Google Photos news. You can click photographs, store and share the same snaps through Google Photos. However, Google has advanced its features and spread its security cloak to the users using third party accounts such as Yahoo or Microsoft. With a source link posted on Google Plus, Google announced that it has introduced security features for the Gmail users using Yahoo and Microsoft accounts, for personal or professional terms for emailing.

The Gmail user will not have to access multiple tabs to run through the emails from third party accounts. The new update of Gmail for Android sends an OAuth code to the accounts of third party if any Gmail user wishes to login and access everything under one roof. The OAuth system brings in an additional stage of security to the clients. It is similar to the two-step verification process that almost every Gmail user utilizes to avoid any kind of system breaching. The latest update will include the two-step verification as well as the OAuth process for strong security to the Yahoo and Microsoft accounts.

The Publishing Date

There is no set date for publishing the security system in the market. It can land on your app or device any time. You may have to keep an eye on this update to make its first step through Google App Store. The reports state that the new update of Google using OAuth is soon to roll out with all the bug fixes and improvement in its performance. You can head over to the Google Plus listing or search for the link over the web to understand a little more about the enhanced security system.

The users can now heave a sigh of relief to avoid using multiple accounts for emailing. You do not have to hop from one tab to another if you are using multiple accounts for the same purpose.

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