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Day: July 7, 2015

Saving Money On The Family Budget: A Few Helpful Hints

Today’s economy doesn’t make exceptions for families that cannot manage their own finances.  As the head of your household, you and your partner are responsible for balancing your finances in such a way that you and your entire family have what they need each month.  A sound financial plan will, in turn, give you and your family a firm and sound mind.  This will give you all plenty of time to focus on the aspects of family that are truly important.  Quality time will have the chance to become priority in your life, rather than working and making money.

Plan out your family’s meals

Planning out your family’s meals day by day will save you bunches of money.  The cuisine may seem limited and even difficult to iron out at first, but you will figure out what works for your family’s tastes.  Plenty of vegetables and fruit along with lean and farm bred meats will keep your loved one’s bodies in perfect healthy condition.  The ones that mean the most to you deserve the very best, and you can achieve this goal and save money at the same time.  Technology offers you a once impossible opportunity to order farm fresh goods, free of chemicals and harmful hormones.

Staycation instead of vacation

A vacation away for a family of four can cost you over a thousand dollars.  This is just the average cost of a basic family vacation.  Let’s face it.  Relaxation costs a lot without the proper planning and research.  Don’t fall victim to convenience.  Plan an exciting stay at home staycation for you, your partner, and your children can sound a bit vanilla to your family.  It may sounds lame at first glance, but there are plenty of relaxing and fun activities available to allow you and your family some room to breathe on your monthly finances.

Be smart about your energy usage

There are plenty of conventional, common sense, ways to save on your household energy costs each month.  Simply changing out all of your light bulbs in the home to energy efficient bulbs will save your family hundreds over the course of a year.  Another simple change you can make is turning off all unnecessary lighting in your home.  When a room is empty, it doesn’t need a lamp or an overhead light.  Turn it off!  Also, setting your thermostat at one temperature and leaving it there will save you some money on your electric bill monthly.

Prepare for unexpected expenditures

If you wish to achieve a successful monthly budget, you have to prepare for unexpected expenses.  You have to prepare for emergencies, birthdays, holidays, or any other out of the ordinary expense your family may encounter.  Work in a weekly installment that won’t dip into the already allocated funds.  Over time, you will find that you have accrued an exceptional surplus.

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Apps that Bring out the best in your Windows Phone

Microsoft is the latest entrant in the battle of the smartphones and operating systems. It faced some fire earlier for its user interface being a little tricky to get used to but it changed all that by launching the Windows phone. It now has an interactive UI with the use of Live Tiles which are a hybrid of widgets and shortcuts as they update the information in real time making it much more interactive and fun.

With its stunning new UI, and a new twist to the old way of how users interact with their phone, Windows Phones can come alive with the use of apps that make it even more addictive.

Here are a few apps that will absolutely upgrade your phone making it a lot more handy and useful:

Money Manager

This is a great tool to help you keep account of your finances. If you run a small business, venture or just need an overview of all your expenditure then this is a great app to help you out.  Now know exactly what activity you’re spending on, who you own money to and where your money is actually going. It’s an easy and effective app which proves to be highly useful to keep a track of all your monetary transactions.

Another Note

Another Note is a great application which makes taking notes very convenient and easy. Taking notes is what this app is made for and it makes sure it does so efficiently. You can dictate notes through your microphone rather than having to type it out with a keyboard. You can also club apps in different categories, prioritize them , make them as shortcuts on the home screen and also protect them with password if needed.

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Calculator² is the only app you’ll need for all your calculations. This nifty app brings to you a basic calculator along with other features like unit and currency convertor as well as a scientific calculator. You can always review what you’ve typed to double check your calculations and the unit convertor brings to you a range of 300 units spread across 26 different categories and the currency convertor has a database of up to 150 currencies.


This is a social media app that gives you a huge amount of control and freedom of how you use your social media apps. If you absolutely cannot live without interacting with your friends on the social media or if you run the social media front for your business this is a great app that lets you publish content on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously. What makes this app even more amazing is its ability to support multiple accounts on the same platform meaning you can now tweet something from three different accounts all in one go!

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This is a great way to sharpen your mind and will keep you busy for hours as it’s highly addictive. The game’s objective is to control two dots which are interconnected and get them away from obstacles. The tricky part is that when you rotate one to get it away from obstacles, the other rotates too and that might add to the challenge. Now play away non-stop with this app and keep yourself entertained on the go!

Get the latest Windows Phone and be sure to optimise it and use it to the fullest with these amazing apps that will surely make your phone your new addiction!

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