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Mobile Tips: How to Save Data on Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Data Saver

Recently I discussed about How to Speed Up Chrome Browser and now am still bringing in a new feature about this same browser. The Popular Chrome Browser has a feature that allows it mobile users to save browsing data but most of us doesn’t know about this. It’s now time to stop using those data saving apps on our smartphones because the Chrome mobile browser can now be used to save data on its own. The browser has the capability to compress browsing data pretty much like Opera Mini browser does.
I would be explaining with screenshots on how to enable this feature on your smartphone. Before you know it in over a month or a year and you will be amazed at how much savings you have made. The figures in the above image are for a few days of usage here on my smartphone. Of course, the savings for you will vary from mine depending on your browsing habits.
To enable this feature and start saving:
1. Launch Chrome browser on your smartphone
2. Tap the MENU button and scroll down till you see settings
Google Chrome Data Saver
3. Tap on Settings, scroll down and select Data Saver
Google Chrome Data Saver
4. Then toggle the switch found at the top right hand side.
Chrome Data Saver
5. You are now done. There would be a map to show your savings history.

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