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How to send Messages to all whatsapp contact

It’s not a new thing that WhatsApp is used by over 800 million monthly active users which makes it one of the to most-used messaging apps on both smartphone and desktop. But being a popular app doesn’t mean users would not have a problem using it, so today I would be focusing on some frequent problems that WhatsApp comes with and provide solutions to fix them.

Why WhatsApp Fails to Install on my Android Phone?

It’s very simple to install whatsapp on any Android phone but there are some conditions where it might not install either from Playstore or through apk file. All you need to do is make sure that the device is running on Android OS version 2.1 or later. To check the Android version that runs on your smartphone, go to Settings >> About Phone.

In case you’ve downloaded the APK file from the official WhatsApp application, you will need to manually install it. You can’t install it if you don’t have the Unknown Sources option enabled. To enable this feature, go to Settings >> Security or Settings >> Applications.

Why Whatsapp Fails to install on my tablet?

Whatsapp uses sim to work effectively and even fo activation but not all tablet can use SIM, so if you have a tablet that doesn’t come with a slot for a SIM card, then there are high chances that WhatsApp can’t be installed on it.

However, you can fix this issue by manually download the APK file from and install it on your Android tablet. After that, insert the mobile phone number that you use on your smartphone. Once you receive the code on your smartphone, use it on the WhatsApp application that runs on your Android tablet.

How can I block someone on WhatsApp?

Did you break up with your boyfriend but he keeps sending you annoying messages on WhatsApp? Well, don’t worry, because you can block him right away by opening the WhatsApp conversation with him and tapping on the Menu button (the three dots button located in the top-right side) and selecting More >> Block. What does the “Last Seen” mean? The “Last Seen” time stamp tells you exactly when the user was online on WhatsApp for the last time. However, this doesn’t mean that (s)he was active on the WhatsApp application, it just means that (s)he was connected to the application.

Can I hide my “Last Seen” timestamp?

It’s very sure that you can hide your “Last seen” timestamp by going to Settings->Account->Privacy and selecting “Nobody”. This way, nobody will be able to see when you are online on WhatsApp.

What do the blue check marks mean?

The blue check marks appear after you read the message that you’ve received. With other words, the one who sent you that message will know if and when you’ve read the message that (s)he sent you.

How can I disable the blue check marks?

To disable the blue check marks, go to the WhatsApp’s Settings->Account- >Privacy and uncheck Read Receipts.

How can I delete my WhatsApp account?

Keep in mind that deleting the WhatsApp account is not the same as uninstalling the application. If you uninstall the WhatsApp application, your account will still be there. To uninstall the WhatsApp application, go to Settings >> Apps >> WhatsApp and select Uninstall. However, to delete your WhatsApp account you will need to go to WhatsApp’s Settings >> Account >> Delete My Account and confirm the request by entering your mobile phone number.

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