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Tips On Saving And Spending Money For Everyone

Money. They say it doesn’t buy you happiness, but you kind of can’t live without it. Money pays the bills, keeps clothes on your back, and puts food on the table. With money you have electricity, a roof over your head, and you can stay warm.

Some people don’t know how to use their money wisely though. They don’t put any away for emergencies or retirement, and they spend on fun stuff before they take care of their bills. If you could use a refresher course on spending and saving, you’ve found it here.

Finding Ways To Save Even When You Don’t Have Enough

There are many ways to save money. For some people it’s as easy as just putting some money into a saving account after the bills are all payed. However, not everyone has a lot of extra money (or any, for that matter) after they finishing paying the bills.

Even if you start out with a small amount of money to put away, and build it up over time, it can help you build a savings. You can also find ways to make a little money on the side that can go directly into savings, like doing online surveys or trading in college textbooks.

For those that just can’t seem to afford to put anything away, find ways to cut corners. Every little bit helps. Save change in a jar. Use bottle returns as savings money. Don’t make impulse purchases or buy big ticket items unless you’ve specifically saved up for them.

It can also help to cut back on some things, like stops at the fast food restaurant or extra cable packages. Again, every little bit counts and even if you just save loose change you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.

Spending Money So You Have Some Left

One of the biggest problems some people have with saving money is spending it. Makes sense, right? They spend more than they have (with credit cards), or they spend just as much as they have, living paycheck to paycheck.

Not only can cutting back on your home bills, like less channels and using less energy, help you spend less, but you can also save some dough at the grocery store. Clip coupons, buy in bulk if you have a bigger family, and buy generic whenever possible.

Save money on entertainment outside the home as well. Only eat out when you have coupons or the restaurant has a deal. Go see matinee movies to pay lower prices.

Last, but not least, it may also help if you pay for things with checks, and find good deals on buying checks. In most cases checks take longer, which means you may be more likely to skip buying unneeded items in order to save time.

Plus, you pay more attention to what you are spending out of the bank when writing checks than when using a debit or credit card, which can sometimes be easy to forget to subtract out of the bank register! Paying overdraft fees will not help you save money!

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