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How to Make Chrome Browser Faster in Surfing

Settings 1 for aster browsing on Chrome

The Chrome browser happens to be most use browser and even Google have been implementing it into their new Android OS as default browser, which implies that Android users can no longer be able to uninstall the Chrome browser anymore. Chrome browser is one of my favourite browser but due to my device low RAM and low storage space I do encounter slow browsing while using the browser but have now got a solution to this which I wanted to share. The solution is useful for all users of the Chrome browser even PC users, because after you implement it you would see your browsing speed difference. To get it done just follow the below guide:

1. Open the Chrome browser and enter chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area in the url space.

Settings 1 for aster browsing on Chrome

2. Now you would see Maximum tiles for interest area highlighted in yellow color. Click on the Default found below it.

Settings 1 for aster browsing on Chrome

3. You would see a list of RAM options, choose 512 but if you are not satisfied with the browsing speed you can come back and choose 256.

Settings 1 for aster browsing on Chrome

4. Look bottom left after step 3 you should now have Relaunch Now button. Just click on it and test your browsing speed.

Settings 1 for aster browsing on Chrome


Now test your browsing speed and give feedback.

NOTE: The guide can be use on any Chrome Browser an any device.

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