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Top Battery Saving Apps for Android Devices

top best battery saving apps

Smartphone as the name implies have been smart and required by most peoples around the world. We need these smartphones to contact families and friends, to browse the internet and search for information, to play games or chat on applications. But the more applications and services you’re installing and using every day, the shorter your battery life will be.Fortunately, some device have built-in features that decrease the screen brightness or suggest the user to close open tabs and lots more. This way, the device’s speed will be boosted and the battery will last longer. But to improve more battery life and device life even more better so, there are some best battery saving applications out there  that you can try on your Android device which are listed below:

Battery Doctor
As far as have been using Android devices the Battery Doctor App is my favourite among all which help me to solve my device battery problems by searching for the applications that are using unnecessary space and consuming the battery faster even with more details than the built in battery usage analysis. It gives a detailed information about the energy consumption of applications and will kill those that are killing your battery. This software is already used by 330 million people who downloaded it from the Google Play store. Battery Doctor is gifted a charging wallpaper where your apps would be optimized for faster charging. The application supports 27 languages, it has three stages and tells you how and when to charge your device.

DU Battery Saver
Although I knew the DU Battery Saver before battery doctor and have used it very well but just a matter of choice. DU Battery Saver is a good battery saver purposely for extending the battery life by almost 50 percent. When you’re opening an application, DU will inform you about the remaining battery time so that you will know much energy that app is consuming. Also, this battery saver will adjust the settings of your devices, helping you extend the life up to 70 percent. DU Battery Saver is also such a wonderful battery saving app but it has another version for additional features sold for $2.99.

2 Battery – Battery Saver
Over ten million people have downloaded this battery saver from the Google Play store to extend their device’s battery life up to 7 hours. The application shows the battery level and usage in the status bar, it manages 3G/4G connections and it comes with a Pro version that offers extra features such as night mode. If you won’t be satisfied with the premium version, your money will be returned if you change your mind within 24 hours after buying it. The only thing that will bother you on the free version is seeing ads.

Juice Defender
This application has been downloaded for more than 7 million times from the Google Play store, becoming one of the best battery savers in 2014. It manages mobile data, 3G/4G connections, wifi, the speed of your processor and identifies the applications that are eating your battery. The Juice Defender have the ultimate version with additional features and its available for $5.62 on Playstore.

Battery Save Booster
Another way to extend the battery life of your Android device is to install Battery Save Booster, which handles background processes and your internet connections, giving you full control of what the application is managing. In addition, you will see a widget in the notification area showing information such as the battery level, in percentage.

NOTE:  I am not advising you to install all this apps above because it might cause any harm to your device but it’s advisable you just pick any one of your choice.

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